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knit me more time...
Wednesday, May 26, 2004
bush's creepy racism

so, some post on Smirking Chimp about how creepy Laura Bush is, brought me to the bush/cheney 04 campaign site. I knew it would make me want to vomit, but I clicked around a little just to see what the hell this is all about. So, at the top there are these tabbed links- standard things like "education", "economy", "homeland security", and "environment". One of them jumped out at me: "compassion". Compassion Agenda? Compassion?? If you look at the photo links you will find tons of pics of a benevolent george and laura bestowing affection and the gift of reading onto groups of mostly African Americans. They are among the creepiest pictures I've ever seen. And hey- speaking of Laura Bush. This woman is clearly out of the "Stepford Wives". (which is being remade. Jo and I have the original and love it. I made my students in 138 watch it. i think the remake looks great!)

posted by knit wit | 5/26/2004 08:11:00 PM

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