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knit me more time...
Saturday, May 22, 2004
did you know I am a friend to terrorists?

I found a note on my car door tonight when I got out of work at Borders. The note read "you are terrorism's best friend" and had a little smiley face with horns drawn on it. This is the same parking lot where someone tore off my "Attack Iraq: No" sticker last year. There are a thousand million of those in Madison- and mine gets ripped off. So, I have some bumper stickers on my car- but none that I think should warrant such an idiotic and ridiculous statement. My stickers: a peace sign, an American flag with a peace sign, and a sticker that says "terrorism is a symptom not a disease". Oh and another sticker that reads "the last time we mixed politics with religion people got burned at the stake". Perhaps this last one is factually incorrect, but the point is important. On my way home in the rain I thought about the soggy note on the seat next to me. A small part of me felt at first triumphant that I had inspired such a strong reaction- I mean, how often to people put the time and energy into reacting strongly to something they disagree with? And part of me thought it was hilarious (especially the funny little devil face). I mean, how would my stickers (if understood correctly) lead to such a strange conclusion? Isn't saying terrorism is a symptom implicitly anti-terrorist? Isn't it at least important to point out the causes of terrorism if we are to stop it? Are people that simplistic? Does the "you're either with us or against us" really resonate with people. Then, the horror set in- yes, this simple logic resonates with people. It made me want to get another bumper sticker that would read "censorship: friend of terrorism" or one that says "ignore the symptoms while we spread the disease" (a la Ani Difranco). But, they probably wouldn't get those either. Or was the devil drawing also a reaction to my religion/politics sticker? Interesting... so perhaps because I was suggesting that religion and politics do not belong together, I am not supporting Bush's righteous and holy regime and then somehow supporting terrorism? Nah, I think that is too much of a stretch. And to truly drag this analysis out longer... I wonder who left the sticker? Was it that guy who was rude to me when I rang him up b/c I was having a political, anti-war-on-terrorism conversation with the customer in front of him in line? Would it just be a coincidence that that was my car? Was it someone I was really nice to and went out of my way to help? I wonder... But, on a lighter note, I recommended Julia Butterfly Hill's book to some teenager today. She read the first few pages in the store and got so excited and wanted to see all kinds of books on activism and vegetarianism. It was very cool and made me happy.

posted by knit wit | 5/22/2004 11:23:00 PM

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