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knit me more time...
Wednesday, May 26, 2004
it's just a springclean for the may queen...

I was on the phone the other night with Jony talking about how worried I was about my memory being shot for the prelim. When we were like 13, we memorized a tremendous amount of song lyrics, guitar parts, and entire albums by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and others I can't think of right now. We seriously had the entire album "the wall" memorized. I was telling her that I was driving back from school the other day and "Stairway to Heaven" came on. I still remember every word and every part of the guitar solo. What useless knowledge taking up huge amounts of space in my brain! Then, after Stairway was finished some Aerosmith song came on (one of the one's that sounds like "Cryin"). What do you know- I don't even remember liking the song or listening to it- but I know all the freakin' words. Like the stupid "Jack and Diane" song- I really never liked the song much so why do I know the words? I didn't even talk to Jony about the unbelievable amounts of B'way show tunes I know from my days as a theatre major (I'm not proud about the amount of Andrew Lloyd Webber shit I know). I mean, as the light board op I watched West Side Story and Me and My Girl nearly every day of their 6 week runs. Yikes. Yeah, so I remembered that we only use 10% of our brains as it is- so I figure even if I don't purge myself of song lyrics I should still have room for Acker, Butler, and Fausto-Sterling.

posted by knit wit | 5/26/2004 08:03:00 AM

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