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knit me more time...
Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Kill Bill

I watched the movie Kill Bill last night with Jo and Goldie. I really liked this movie. I'm surprised- well maybe I'm not surprised. I also loved Pulp Fiction. I don't usually like a lot of blood and gore- but the blood and gore in Kill Bill was hysterically funny. I'm very excited that I am almost finished with my hooded sweater- now I just have the hood to go! I have my plane tickets to go to NYC & Maine on June 9th. Here are the things I have to (want to) get done before I go: 1) finish the hoodie* 2) finish my tank top 3) finish the cuffs of Jo's shrug 4) have reba show me how to make socks so I can work on the socks on the plane 5) 2nd draft of the masters done. i won't be able to relax in Maine if I don't get this to myra before I leave 6) coding for jane (yeah why not take on some more work) And there is plenty of prelim work to do. And working on the website. I'm trying not to let myself get overwhelmed. I'm just not going to "go there"- instead I'll keep thinking I can do it all. That may be totally fooling myself but that's survival. *Notice in my list of things to do knitting comes first? Good.

posted by knit wit | 5/26/2004 07:55:00 AM

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