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knit me more time...
Sunday, May 30, 2004
my kind of knitting!

Once I finish my current WIPs (my hooded sweater, Jo's shrug, the strap to my bag and my tank) these are the projects I am making next... *traveling to Maine and NYC I am going to make my Peace FleeceEveryday Cardigan (a wonderful hippie name & company just for my friend em's sake). My next 2 patterns will be from my new favorite pattern company "Knitting Pure and Simple". I like simple knitting in wonderful wooly yarns, and I love knitting in one piece from the top down, and this seems to be the best company for that. Halcyon Yarns in Maine sells their patterns so I'll buy them there, instead of paying 4 dollars shipping for a 4 dollar pattern. So, I'll make next... I'll make this tunic sweater. Not with the hood though. I think I can alter the pattern and give it a different collar. I know, the model is a little frightening in that picture. I'll make it using my Peace Fleece Buffalo Brownski. then I'll make this vest-type thing. I love it but I don't have yarn for it yet. Maybe I'll get something tweedy and grey or something. I must thank reba for finding that lovely pattern site!!

posted by knit wit | 5/30/2004 08:05:00 AM

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