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knit me more time...
Monday, May 24, 2004
new york city in june...

I just emailed some of my NY pals to let them know I'll be in NYC the weekend of June 19th. Very exciting- I haven't been back since we moved and I miss my friends there terribly. The trip works out well at the end of my trip to Maine. I am going to fly into nyc (cheaper than flying to Maine) and drive up to Maine with my mother (who has to be in CT for work). Then, I'll hang out in Maine for 10 days, and take a good ol' Peter Pan bus back to NY where I can hang out with friends before flying back to Madison. It'll be a great trip- lots of knitting time, and of course, studying for the prelim. (70 days remain!!) Since I mention knitting in my blog title- I should say something about what I am knitting. My WIP list is the same. I am making progress on my hooded sweater (the front pouch turned out so cute even though i failed to follow the directions), and after finishing that I am going to redo the sleeves on Jo's shrug, which will be quick. So, I'll at least be able to wear the hoodie to Maine and NY. We are going to the LYS later to get another ball of the ribbon yarn I need to finish my tank. I can't decide what to make next. I have a cardigan kit- and orange Peace Fleece cardigan kit that I could make on the bus/plane. I also have some Peace Fleece Buffalo Brownski that I am dying to work with. My lovely friend Reba (who is defending today!!!) emailed me this pattern for a hooded tunic. I love that it is on size 9 needles (I am tired of size 8) and I know I just made a hoodie- so maybe I could make this pattern without the hood. And yes- I have LOTS of work to do. Prelim, working on my thesis, working on the website etc... yucky...

posted by knit wit | 5/24/2004 09:18:00 AM

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