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knit me more time...
Saturday, May 29, 2004
a slightly unsatisfying day...

the only thing wonderful about today was that I made wonderful rhubarb/strawberry crisp with the rhubarb we got from our farm share (Harmony Valley). It was really wonderfully delicious- but I don't have a very good idea about how I made it. I kinda roughly followed a recipe for blueberry crisp, but I never really measure any of the ingredients. Then, I decided to run to Willy St. Co-op to get strawberries because the rhubarb alone wasn't enough for the crisp. It turned out really yummy and we have enough to last all week. Everything else was pretty unsatisfying. I worked on my thesis and I don't feel like I got very far. The comments my advisor gave me are so damned hard that I just make notes of all the work I have to do. maybe tomorrow I'll make more headway. Can I say I HATE lit reviews. I have a good understanding of what they should be, I've read lots of them and I understand how they function. But, I can't formulate my own lit review to save my life. Also, I sewed the shoulder seams for my hooded sweater last night and I tried it on. Well, it is about an inch shorter than I wanted- but blocking will fix that. The big problem is the sleeves are too short (this is after knitting them twice already) so I am going to have to rip out the bind off, and add another 1.5 inches to each sleeve. It'll be okay. I love the sweater but it's just the knitting project that will never end. I worked on the hood tonight- much more knitting than I expected so that will take a couple days. We went out last night to Mickey's for beers with Brady and Mary. We had so much fun, but it's sad because Brady will be moving soon to LA to follow his advisor, (another qualitative sociologists unappreciated at UW). They are a fun couple to hang out with and Jo gets to talk music with someone. Incidentally, I almost passed out at Mickey's. I had only 1 Guinness because I had taken a prescription pain killer for cramps earlier in the afternoon. I thought most of it had worn off. Turns out when they say you can't drink alcohol with the pain killer they really mean it. They mean the "might make you dizzy" part too. But, I'm fine now. I felt like an idiot though crouched on the floor outside of Mickey's bathroom. I must have looked like someone who had drank way too much and was going to puke. But, I had only 1 beer.

posted by knit wit | 5/29/2004 10:32:00 PM

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