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knit me more time...
Thursday, May 27, 2004
something always seems to foil my study plans...

Last night I cleaned off/out my desk at home and organized stuff. Jeez- the amount of freakin' articles a grad student can accumulate is a frightening waste of paper. And that's just stuff from seminars and doesn't count articles for my thesis or the 6 inch stack of articles I printed out for the prelim. I managed to get some organization going- instead of piles of random crap I have a place for thesis stuff, a place for projects (website, yearbook etc..) and a special big place for prelim stuff. I also reorganized my books. Prelim books on a shelf, and thesis books on another shelf. Of course that doesn't count the 26 million books that are waiting for me at the library. Or the stack of 60 million books stacked on the floor that don't fit anywhere else. I have successfully gathered all of the material I need to conquer the first few sets of questions for the prelim (theory, methods, standpoint). So, that wasn't a waste of time. Overwhelming, but at least I have it all now. All this organizing/gathering is useful as all hell, but doesn't amount to any actual hunched-over-the-desk-for-hours-learning time. And today that was the plan- but I have cramps and feel all crampy and cranky. I also have to confess to something that is more flakey and scatterbrained then usual for me. I am well on my way to becoming a seriously scatterbrained professor. There was this book on the prelim reading list that I could get a copy of anywhere. No other library had it, someone had the single copy at our library checked out, and it is 80 bucks to buy on amazon. I even searched the used books available to order at Borders while I worked yesterday. Terribly upset about not being able to complete my prelim collection, I almost emailed Myra to ask her if I could borrow it from her. THEN, I looked up above me on the bookshelf and saw it sitting there. I was the one who had it out from the library. Right in front of me the whole time. And I've read it as well. I now have an entire file drawer filed with articles and notes. There are no file folders, and there is no order to it. It is really frightening. If I had to find something it would take all day. Jo said "why don't you label it". I don't think she realized that if I labeled it the labels would read "some gender stuff from 477", "gender stuff from another class", "articles from seminars I never read" and "1000 article from soc of education I will never use" etc... Maybe a future project to keep me away from studying will be to alphabetize that drawer.

posted by knit wit | 5/27/2004 11:18:00 AM

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