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knit me more time...
Thursday, May 20, 2004
teaching a hole in the floor to knit

so we have a HUGE hole in the floor of our bath room. our landlord et al are here digging up rotted wood (yuck). the toilet is on the curb, so we have to use another tenant's bathroom. oh well. not too much inconvenience. i have beer so it's all good. my mom just told me my aunt wants to learn to knit!! I am so excited!! I've never taught anyone to knit before. my aunt recently lost part of her leg to diabetes and she has spent way too much time in the hospital. I joked with her a couple months ago about learning to knit and she laughed at me. So, I'll teach her when I go home to Maine and then we'll have to check out some Maine yarn stores together- Halcyon is my favorite! i met with the IT guy- lots of talk about things I pretended to understand... mysql, php, cwis, oracle, dublin core (is that irish? does it have to do with beer?). i showed Jo my blog- and other people's blogs. She wants to weigh in on the overrated/underrated stuff... Jo's list: Highly overrated.... 1. reality tv 2. organized religion 3. mainstream music industry 4. hollywood and plastic surgery 5. cell phones Deservedly rated good... 1. good coffee 2. organic food 3. true friends 4. older women 5. mother earth Highly underrated... 1. rainy days 2. having more than 2 cats 3. horror films 4. flannel shirts 5. New Yorkers

posted by knit wit | 5/20/2004 04:38:00 PM

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