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knit me more time...
Sunday, May 30, 2004
things that irritate me

Okay. In an attempt to undermine my reputation as a "very nice person", I'll use this space to bitch about some things that are really bugging me today. -This all started tonight at Borders. I agreed to come in to help with music merchandizing. This was fun, but I finished early so I ended up helping clean up the rest of the store which was not part of the deal. Well, a supervisor really pissed me off and she is nice and I feel bad that maybe I wasn't too friendly to her after she pissed me off. Half of the books we clean up at night are already in the sections they belong in, they are just lying on the tops of shelves instead of where they should be. I usually walk around and shelve them and it takes seconds. This person went around, to my horror, with a v-cart and picked them all off the shelves. Then, she created 3 more steps by taking them to the info desk and sorting them into piles and then shelving them. Dude, shelve them right where they are!! I'm not part of the management team in this store, so I just take a deep breathe and remember it isn't my place to say anything, but way to make more work for everyone!! -Michael Landon: I will admit that I love the show "Little House on the Prairie" and they had a marathon today (I only watched 2 episodes). I just love it, okay? But, there's a point in the show where Michael Landon really gets way too full of himself. Its after Laura marries, and the Ingalls move to the city. The show drags on and on with sappy guest appearances of Charles with fake white hair. Ridiculous things begin to happen- his son Albert becomes a drug addict, he works for a tailor who bosses him around and Carolyn disappears from the show. Parents die as their carriage tumbles down a hill in front of their screaming kids, people die in a fire in the school for the blind. The new young family living in the Ingall's old house begins to rehash the same old tired "little house" stories. The show becomes a train wreck. I watch it, but it irritates the hell out of me. -WIP: there's really annoying guy I work with. We call him wip and I don't remember why. Anyways, every time I work he asks me how things are going. Specifically he asks me "how is the study of masculinity going- finding anything new?" which is the most annoying question EVER. I made the mistake once of telling him what I studied. He clearly thinks it's a joke or something. So, tonight he pressed me for details about how I spent this "holiday weekend". To which I happily replied "I worked on my masters thesis". He couldn't believe I spent the weekend doing this and didn't know why I would be happy about it. I told him lit reviews are hard- so if I feel like tackling it I am the happiest person ever. He said I needed to get out more. What?? I'm a freakin' grad student- out more? I went to the co-op yesterday- what more do you want?? Sorry I don't lead the exciting party/working at borders life he does. Wow. I'm all tapped out of irritating things right now. Guess I'll have to save up future irritations up for a future entry in my blog. Speaking of "Little House". I will say that my favorite episode ever (well, it's a 2 part episode) is the one where Mary goes blind. Call me totally heartless and horrible, but there is something hilariously comforting about the high drama and despair going on when Mary looses he sight slowly and excruciatingly. If I were having a horrible day I would watch this episode and my day would seem much brighter.

posted by knit wit | 5/30/2004 10:03:00 PM

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