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knit me more time...
Wednesday, June 30, 2004
one of my favorite websites

I thought I would share one of my favorite websites- other than smirkingchimp, and commondreams, this is the one blog/website I check out every day. It's brilliant and really much more interesting than my lame blog. bighappyfunhouse Aside from knitting, my other, much less frequent hobby is collection old photos (1880s-1940s usually). If you've ever been to an antique store with me you know I can spend hours looking through boxes of old photos. I pick them out based on how interesting the people look and their surroundings (inside a house, or outside a house). Maybe I'll get my scanner hooked up and then post some of mine. My collection though is really serious (people in old pictures always look so damned sad) and not as humorous as the bighappyfunhouse.

posted by knit wit | 6/30/2004 08:46:00 PM

with a *bling" of my email program, my masters draft is sent across the atlantic...

I emailed my thesis draft early this morning. i finished it late last night but I wanted to read it over this morning before sending to make sure it didn't sound ridiculous. It grew from 38 page last draft, to 58 pages and I have no idea why. There are a lot of tables with numbers (I complained about this already) that will probably outrage my qualitative friends if they flip through it. So, after sending it out I took a long show, had some cinnamon toast and treated myself to 2 episodes of Little House. It is such a funny and endearing show and the episodes were particularly good. I also spent some time languidly surfing the internet, catching up on some of my macintosh websites and forums that I was deliberately ignoring so as not to distract myself from finishing the draft. I found the preview of apple's new operating system, Tiger (10.4) online and spent some time reading about it and chatting about it with my brother and some other mac users. I am very excited for the release (sometime in the spring isn't soon enough though) especially for spotlight which is an awesome, fast searching tool and app launcher. And especially for dashboard. My ibook will be even more functional. I don't understand why more people don't use macs- the operating system is so superior to windooze xp. Microsoft just has a monopoly and somehow people think peecees are the only way to go. Oh well- enough expounding on macs and pcs... We are going out to lunch soon with Mae and Virginia which will be great- to get out of the house and to see awesome people. I think I'll get a Greek salad for lunch- lots of feta and pitas on the side.

posted by knit wit | 6/30/2004 12:11:00 PM

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
I gave in and went out for food

I returned with a frozen pizza and some cherry chocolate chip ice cream. nutritious and delicious! now back to the thesis- I am on page 46 of 55.

posted by knit wit | 6/29/2004 07:59:00 PM

funny- I don't feel like dinner

I usually eat every meal and snack between meals. I know people think I don't eat much b/c one of my nicknames in high school was "pencil". And other people think I don't eat much b/c they only see me eat in the Social Science Building which is totally void of all good food. At home I eat all day (which is one of the reasons I like to be home). So it is very odd for me not to feel like eating. I don't feel sick or anything. I had a beer before. And I have been snacking on wasabi peas all day. There is food in the house and I feel like eating none of it. I kind of want NY Super Fudge Chunk ice cream but I don't want to go get it.

posted by knit wit | 6/29/2004 07:13:00 PM

i've reached cruising speed

Finally I have reached that point where nothing can stop me from finishing this draft. It consumes me- I thought about it while I slept and in the shower and I just want to sit down and plow through it. Problems in it and how to fix them are clearer to me now than before. It sure has its flaws, but I can look over those now in the interest of finishing this. I can all of a sudden tackle all those once stressful advisor comments like they never should have stressed me out. Its very much like what Reba describes as "high speed efficiency" and despite all my hemming, hawing, complaining and agonizing, I always reach this place at some (usually later than I think) point. If I ever stopped reaching this "high speed efficiency" I suppose I would be all washed up as a grad student/academic.

posted by knit wit | 6/29/2004 10:47:00 AM

Monday, June 28, 2004
she guessed it

I don't know how she did it. Out of all the thousands of movies I could have purchased, how did Jo guess which one I got her? Unbelievable. She couldn't have found the DVD as it is all wrapped, and she wouldn't go so far as to unwrap it. But, somehow she knows. Of course she doesn't know that she knows. The correct title was the first guess out of her mouth this morning but I laughed it off and then mislead her further with some laughter at her other questions about other movies. Oh how much fun it is to mess with my monster girl's head! Still I wonder... how did she figure it out?

posted by knit wit | 6/28/2004 04:43:00 PM

trader joes come to madison please!!

Jo and I just heard that the amazing grocery store Trader Joe's is going to open a location in Madison!!!!!!! No idea when yet, but just the thought is wonderful. We did all our shopping at our old Trader Joe's back in NY and spent very little money on amazing, organic food with no preservatives- the kind of stuff Jo and I love. Even if they open one in Milwaukee sooner- we'll take trips to that one. We've already done big trips to a location out side of Chicago. There are specific foods I miss so much from Trader Joe's. For example, their $1.99 blueberry waffles are yummier than any frozen waffles ever. Their lemonade is wonderful, and their french onion dip blows Dean's away. I miss their frozen stir-fry meals; like the potatoes and veggies, or pasta and artichokes. I miss the soups and I miss there supplements. I miss their cereals terribly- and their coffee is the best around. Jo and I will be filled with joy when we no longer have to trudge through the hell that is Woodman's to get groceries. Oh yeah- and my sonogram turned out fine. No more cysts. I found out that my ovary was 6 times its usual size when the cyst ruptured. Ugh. I can't imagine why I didn't know that before- maybe being all drugged up I didn't catch that frightening piece of info. Now everything is the normal size.

posted by knit wit | 6/28/2004 03:14:00 PM

Sunday, June 27, 2004
tomorrow will be an invasive day...

I finished my lit review tonight. thank freakin' god. It still probably isn't "right"- but at least it is a chunk of something new... I still have 3 books to read for it though. The reading/gathering of pertinent info will never end until someone puts a stop to it. Tomorrow morning I go in for a follow-up sonogram from when I had that ovarian cyst rupture. I am kind of nervous because my last 2 periods since that happened have been horribly painful and have laid me up for a day each- you know the kind of days spent moaning in pain staring blindly at the tv. Hopefully everything will be just fine... other than the being poked and prodded and feeling invaded thing. I'll bring my knitting to calm me down. Six Feet Under is an amazing show. I think it is actually the first show I am really hooked on. When the episode ends, Jo and I always want more- like hours more. Everything about it is wonderful- I love all the characters, even though Nate is irritating right now (how many people do we have to watch him have sex with??) and Ruth is being all cold and disconnected since she married George. There is something creepy about George that Jo and are just can't put a finger on. And Arthur is off the show- sad, because his character was cute in a really creepy way (or creepy in a cute way?) Best line in the show tonight: "Arthur, I know it was you who sent the feces package and the feces gift basket" (Ruth) "I would never send you poo" (Arthur). So funny we almost died laughing. now to my soft and squishy bed where my monster girl is waiting watching the Munsters.

posted by knit wit | 6/27/2004 10:28:00 PM

some contact with the world

Today I'll have some contact with the world outside of Jo and our apartment. Well, actually, I won't leave our wonderful homey home. A professor friend of Jo's and his wife are coming over for coffee and cookies later. It should be fun but all I want to do is work on my masters. I really like being a hermit sometimes- it is easier than dealing with people. Not only that, I dealt with so many (wonderful and not-so wonderful) people in NY and Maine that I all I want to do now is hang out with Jo and work. I finished my b-day shopping for Jo yesterday. it is VERY difficult- well impossible, really- to surprise her with anything. The first thing I got her in the city (someone yesterday inquired as to whether the city was chicago. No. THE city is new york) is a hand made devil puppet that she has wanted forever. So, she knows what that is because the lady who wrapped it put the store's sticker on the package. I also got her a toy robot at the store but I gave that to her already the night I came home. So, I got her a DVD yesterday. It is VERY difficult to find a DVD for someone who knows all movies and owns like a 1000 DVDs and videos. I think she'll like what I got her- if not she can exchange it. So, last night she bugged me and bugged me about what DVD it was. This is why she is bad with surprises. She must have asked me 50 questions. All I ended up telling her is that it doesn't begin with the letter "D" and the 3rd letter of the 1st word is "a". All her other questions I just laugh at because that throws her off. She gets very frustrated and it is almost more fun than giving her the present itself.

posted by knit wit | 6/27/2004 10:54:00 AM

Saturday, June 26, 2004
masters thesis depair

I have hit the point where I think my masters is really crap. I look at it now and think it is so sophomoric and filled with so many analytic and theoretical flaws. All I can see are flaws. So, I have to force myself to work on this draft. Silly me, in an email exchange with my advisor, mentioned that I would have this draft to her by the end of this past week. And she said she was looking forward to it. Damn- why do I always resort to brown-nosing when I don't even mean to? I think this must be b/c my mother is a teacher and knew all my teachers. Not to blame my mom at all, but to thank her b/c I have always had great relationships with my teachers for that reason. Yeah, and all the other kids in school have probably laughed at me along the way about it. But I really don't give a fuck. So, I am now forcing myself to work on my thesis and pretending it is not crap. I caught up on the episodes of Six Feet Under that Jo taped for me while I was away. I haven't cast on the next pieces of my cardigan so I can't work on that (well I could...). I have to listen to music while I write. The silence scares me and makes me think that I can't think. Right now I am rotating these albums on itunes... -mortal city (dar williams) -all that we let in (indigo girls) -roseland NYC live (portishead) -uh huh her (pj harvey) -disc 1 of living in clip (ani difranco)

posted by knit wit | 6/26/2004 09:17:00 PM

from the mouthes of babes...

Jo and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday afternoon. I have been reeling from it since then- so I am just posting about it today. The theatre was sold out- and all the evening shows were also already sold out. Let me just begin by thanking Michael Moore for making such an amazing movie. He is truly sent from somewhere (I'm not religious so I don't know from where he is sent) but he really has a purpose and is living it out. While I was in Jersey with Jony she showed me a clip from the extras on the DVD of "Bowling for Columbine". The clip was of Michael Moore in his backyard talking about the Oscar speech. Watching this I realized what a true and real person he is- not doing this for the fame, fortune, glamour etc... but doing what he does because he really cares about people and what is going on. So I went to the movie having this new respect and appreciation for Moore. I also went to this moving knowing a lot of what was in it- I've read about bush/suadi ties and I've also read a great deal about the corruption of the bush admin. So, much in the movie wasn't a surprise. Some of it was news to me- some of what the press swept under the rug (from major network interviews and NYT stories) was surprising. And the connections between bush and his cronies and Bin Laden were deeper than I even thought. What amazed and surprised me about this movie was the factuality of it- and how Moore really let these cronies and facts speak for themselves. I am the first person to point out that everything is bias and nothing is objective so I am not denying that this film didn't come from a certain, unhidden perspective BUT Moore brilliantly lets the "facts" unfold right from people's mouths. And the connections between the bush admin and the saudis are made in a way that they speak for themselves. I thought the film was passionate, but also restrained in a very interesting way- Moore just gave voice to what was pretty apparent all on its own. The criticism about the film is interesting. On one hand, you can tell the media is trying not to make a big deal about it. When they do mention it they sweep it under the rug as "heavily bias and factually incorrect". How could a criticism be that it isn't objective when nothing is truly objective? I bet they haven't even seen the movie. What amazes me is that the media had only 2 major factual criticisms about the film (a film with tons of facts and info in it) and both of those criticisms misquoted the movie to criticize it. They will try to find ways to tear this film down, but really folks, when you watch it you will see the corruption is pretty hard to spin away. The audience in our theatre was incredible. We laughed, cried, hissed and booed. Most importantly, this movie is a tribute to our troops- making the important point that our troops only ask us not to send them needlessly into harms way, and we did. And he goes back to Flint to talk about how it is that the poorest Americans end up serving in the military and end up sacrificing so much. that's my 2 cents about F9/11. just go and see it, okay? I'm going to see it at least once more to take my little sister to it. Like many poor kids who have somehow been told they are dumb- she often talks about joining the military.

posted by knit wit | 6/26/2004 10:03:00 AM

Friday, June 25, 2004
sure to be a lovely day

I just made the best omelets for breakfast- garlic scapes, green onion and sun dried tomato cream cheese. I got the idea from a great breakfast I had a a french cafe in the city. So good! This afternoon Jo and I are going to go out for lunch, and then see Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9.11. We got our tickets already but we'll get to the theatre early so we can get good seats. back to work on the thesis. I refuse to work with numbers today- just writing thank you!

posted by knit wit | 6/25/2004 10:07:00 AM

Thursday, June 24, 2004
what do I look like? a statistician?

there are WAY TOO many numbers and tables in my masters thesis. this is disgusting to me. i think maybe this was planned all along- as drafts went on I would have to add more and more numbers. and/or this is part of some master plan and conspiracy to continuously make me suffer for that stats grade. so i have yellow sheets of scrap paper all over my desk and a calculator. yes, i see how numbers (nothing more complex than percentages and proportions here folks) are important for the thesis. but JEEZ, this is NOT my idea of fun times.

posted by knit wit | 6/24/2004 02:53:00 PM

spasmotic rice

and while this is sound advice, I am not sure how this it supposed to be a compliment: "Never pet your dog when it is on fire." this one is also not a compliment and is not really sound advice: "EAT SPASMOTIC RICE! It will beguile you and improve your complexion" okay back to work.

posted by knit wit | 6/24/2004 11:52:00 AM

"your fingers staple pine nuts into everything they touch"

I forgot all about one of my old favorite websites (dating back to when I was at hofstra in 1995) and googled it today when trying to keep from getting some work done. The Surrealist Compliment Generator oh and... "My elbow sockets sharpen pencils when you pass by on divine fumes of industrial combustion" I just realized no one on other blogs took the "what kind of 80s toy are you" quiz. I've never been trendsetting in my life, so I shouldn't have expected any different. But, we took it while I was in Maine and I think the results for everyone were really right on. My mom was the Weeble Wobble My sister and my father were Rubik's Cubes My sister's boyfriend, Cal, was the Garbage Pail Kid

posted by knit wit | 6/24/2004 11:04:00 AM

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
what I've been up to...

It's been so long since I posted. I just didn't feel like it. Before that I was raving to my sister about how fun blogging is and then I stopped wanting to do it- briefly anyway. But here I'll try to catch readers (if there are any) up on stuff... -I spent a wonderful day running errands with loopy yesterday. She was so great to drive Jo and I around to do stuff b/c our car is in the garage. I talked to them today and it is just the thermostat that went on the car so that is a simple and relatively cheap thing to repair. -Yesterday was my first day back in Madison after being (happily) away from the midwest for 2 weeks. Over the weekend I was in NYC loving life and having a wonderful time catching up with some of the finest people (and best friends) ever- Pam, Peggy, Mimi and Jony. I could live in the city again easily. I just love being there. I stayed with Pam and her cats Ernie and Bert in the city. Here are my furry hosts: Friday night we went out for beer and then we ate at my favorite restaurant, Dim Sum Go Go and then tried to go to some lesbian bars afterwards. Turns out they have all traded their jukeboxes for DJs and they are really loud and the people hanging out there seemed way too young. Or maybe I am too old now. Jeez. Here's a cute picture of Pam and Peggy: Saturday Pam and I walked all over the east and west village drinking beer everywhere we could. We hung out at Henry's (much quieter compared with the night before) and ate some fine NYC pizza. We stopped at the famous old, hidden bar, Chumley's. It was one of those secret bars from the days of prohibition. But, they cleaned it all up. Tableclothes, and no more sawdust on the floor. It kind of wrecks the charm. Here's a picture of the alley way leading to Chumley's. there is no sign- you have to know it is there. Saturday night Mimi and I went out for margaritas and not-so-amazing food. But, who cared about the food, the company and conversation were the best. Sunday I spent in Jersey with Jony. We ate at a diner, played trivial pursuit and hung out- we read some funny notes that I found that Jony had written me in junior high. Wow- the "exciting" drama that went on when we were young!- good times all around. I loved the train ride back from Jersey. I love train rides in general. Monday I spent the morning, literally 4 hours, at the Strand going through thousands of books. I love that store and miss it- I found a very rare out of print sociology book that goes for tons of money online for only 5 bucks. I ate in union square and hung out in the area before heading back to Wisconsin. -I had a wonderful time in Maine too. I ate tons of lobster. Yes, I realize that this makes me no different thana ll the other the hypocritcal people out there eating creuly treated animals. Yes, I am a vegetarian but I eat fish and shellfish. Only when it is locally caught etc... I chaulk this up to my coastal upbringing. My sister, when we were bringing the bag of lobster home, told them very sweetly "you are going in my tummy". I told them that too. Seemed to make me feel a little better about eating them. So, here are before and after pics of our lobster. -I added to my collection of old photos. I collect very old photos of very interesting people in front of their farms, in their living rooms etc... I found this one photo of an old women staring off into space. The caption on the back reads "Grandma Lord after the shock". Dad and I think this must be referring to a stroke, not to electric shock treatment. -Most of my time in Maine my mother spent moving my aunt out of a horrible, abusive nursing home where she was supposed to be getting rehab and wasn't. It was exhausting, upsetting, and time consuming but now she is in a wonderful rehab assited living place getting great treatment and learning how to do things for herself again. Because of this, and a lack of ability to focus on anything, I decided to forgo taking the prelim this summer. I'll take it in January. I am too behind and I don't have the time in the next month to study as much as I need to. I feel so much better after deciding this!! And here's a beautiful pic of the ocean off of Bailey Island:

posted by knit wit | 6/23/2004 11:36:00 AM

Monday, June 14, 2004
ho hum

here in Maine still... trying to get some work done... talking to insurance companies about my aunt... fun times. I took the girlfriend and pocky quizzes that others did on their blogs and well, they were kind of boring. I turned out as a "mothering girlfriend" (how totally inaccurate) and as a "chocolate pocky" (I'm not sure how they figure that one out). So, I looked around and found another funny quiz. What Kind of 80s Toy Are You? Here are my results... I think they are pretty fitting. And I had forgotten all about my speak & spell! Of course I had one being the horrible speller that I always have been... speak and spell
You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just
because you were disguised as a toy doesn't
mean you weren't educational, you sneaky

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

posted by knit wit | 6/14/2004 01:19:00 PM

Saturday, June 12, 2004
everyone loves a parade...

it was a beautiful day in Bath for the Morse High School Alumni parade. At 125 years old- it is the oldest HS alumni association in the country. As you can see, no expense was spared in the celebration of this event! Every single class was represented from 1939 on. My grandmother, before she died, was the last remaining member of the class of 1930. Keep in mind that if there were any more people in the parade, there would be no one to watch it. Don't think I am making fun of my hometown and its zealous pride. I am, but I do so with love. Both my mother and I teared up during the parade- small town, HS alumni family stuff like this just chokes me up a little. Because you missed the festivities, here are some highlights. Here's the traffic jam heading to the downtown parade. I know, 3 cars does not a traffic jam make, but they had a cop to direct the "traffic". Here are 2 pictures of the massive crowds packing the streets to watch the festivities. And the parade begins... with the Bath Trolley filled with members of the 1939 through 1944 classes (what did you expect these folks to march?) What remains of the class of 1949... Members of the class of '53 kicks back on their "float": I think this was the class of 1957... A class of 1960-something on their mock classroom float. The class of 1969 getting into the whole hippie thing. The Bath Municipal Band. I used to play with them in HS- it was good to hear them sounding good with plenty of new members! The class of 1984 had this cool float... Okay, that's all the highlights. The later classes didn't have anything too interesting. It's a busy weekend here in Bath- alumni banquet (one of the most horribly long and boring things ever), graduation tomorrow, and tours of the HS and historic homes all weekend!

posted by knit wit | 6/12/2004 04:28:00 PM

Friday, June 11, 2004
funny things from Bath

Here's a few things I think might make you crack up a little: 1) live webcam of downtown Bath! If you watch this all day tomorrow you might even see me shopping downtown stores with my mom! Life doesn't get more exciting than this webcam. 2) my sister has a friend who can only park to the left. she can never park in a parking spot on the right. i told my sister that I would write in my blog that it is actually my sister who can only park on the left. but, I won't. I will say that my sister can't park well herself. She gets that from my mother- and she has my mother's thumbs. 3) This weekend happens to be alumni weekend here in Bath. Morse High School has a very serious and old alumni association. Tomorrow they have a parade (Centenial Celebration) in downtown Bath. I guess I will have to go- but how silly will it be? People walking down the street b/c they went to MHS. EVERYONE here when to MHS. How exciting. And if I go I'm sure I'll see irritating people from HS that I won't want to see- without Jony to laugh about it all with.

posted by knit wit | 6/11/2004 08:41:00 PM

this is really a small town

and I don't mean so much that it is small in size, I mean it is small, but it is small b/c 4 generations of my family have lived here and we know everyone. I mean, it strikes me every time I come home to visit. Mom and I always drive around town and talk about everyone. There are some neighborhoods (well most neighborhoods in town) where we have known every family who lived in every house. In some houses we know 2 or 3 generations of families who have lived in that house. So, we drive around and say things like "what happened to so and so who lived there" or "the Grayson's painted their house a nice color" and "what is their daughter doing now" etc... Mom and I have been visiting nursing homes- a depressing way to spend a vacation. We are trying to find a place for assisted living care for my aunt to stay for a couple months and continue to get physical therapy. My aunt is in a horrible nursing home right now. it makes me very sad that there are people in there for the rest of their lives- it is understaffed and very crowded and depressing. My aunt had to call my mother to have her call the nursing station b/c she was waiting for a bed pan for 45 minutes. Needless to say, this atmosphere is not helping her to feel better and get back on her feet again (well her one foot at least). So we are finding her a better place to be for a while. I taught her how to knit today. She did VERY well- she was a great student. In our travels through area nursing homes I was also further reminded of how small the town is and how my family literally knows 4 generations of people. In one nursing home my mother saw her 4th grade teacher who remembered her! In another, I found my elementary school principal who remembered some silly story about my in preschool telling him my hair was golden. We have run into people who knew me and I didn't even know then. I went to Shaw's (the grocery store) and had people who I didn't know come up to me b/c the knew my aunt or mother or grandmother. It's not that my family is famous or any shit like that- it is just that kind of town. Its endearing and I love it. My dad is watching the Reagan funeral for the 2nd time today. Jeez I can't believe I am be subjected to this. Its not even that my dad loved Reagan- he watches it for the music. Weird. Okay- off to eat with Mom and Dad!

posted by knit wit | 6/11/2004 04:59:00 PM

Wednesday, June 09, 2004
travel notes & a new level of hell

there were some especially irritating high school kids in th terminal before my flight to nyc and then they got on the plane with me. turns out they are on a class trip so I found myself stuck on an airplane with 22 high school drama majors heading to nyc. it was as loud as a school bus on the plane when everyone got on. then, they clapped as the plane took off (and sang some showtunes). I put my headphones on and didn't hear them again until we landed. they clapped again and sang some more b'way. give me a break this is why i left theatre school. ugh when we touched down in nyc i was so happy- the nyc skyline out my window. then, i got to ground transportation and discovered that the 3:30 shuttle was cancelled. there were people yelling at the ground transportation woman- tourists who didn't known they weren't on manhatten island already. it was oppressively hot and the air was wonderfully rank with that special nyc smell (exhaust, tar, cigarette smoke etc...) the shuttle ride (when it arrived 2 hours later) initially made me smile and then made me car sick (the roads are so halariously bad). you've got to love the bumpy, dirty roads strewn with blown out tires and the stop and go traffic- ahhh queens... then, my mom and i drove 6 hours to Maine. I drove the last 3 or so. today i am going to see my aunt and what she creeply calls her "short leg". and to start her on some knitting. Maryann is talking about lunch at Fat Boy tomorrow. Now I am happy.

posted by knit wit | 6/09/2004 11:40:00 PM

Tuesday, June 08, 2004
off to nyc and maine!!

I'm heading off to bed early now (have to get up at 5:30am). By this time tomorrow I'll be driving to Maine with my mom. We'll stop for dinner and coffee a bunch of times on the way. It'll be good times. My suitcase is packed with books and articles for prelim studying while I am home. I was walking on campus today in the oppressive heat watching undergrads play in the fountain. They were so carefree and silly- no prelims or masters thesis hanging over their heads. No books weighing down their bags. *Sigh* Dorotha expressed fear on her blog that we all had a blast while she was gone. Hummm... I always fear the same thing when I am gone as I also had that experience of having to walk behind people in high school. So, I go to Maine to spend tons of time with the family, and I'll get to read about all my friends' fun times on their blogs. That's okay b/c I'll have lobster to eat, and a beach to sit on and lots of prelim studying to do- and when I get tired of that fun, I'll head to NYC to hang out with some friends I haven't seen in way too long. Guess what I finished yesterday... and guess what finished blocking today?? Yippie! I am SO in love with this sweater. I wore it for an hour despite the heat. I'm bringing on the plane tomorrow to keep me warm.

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news is hell and i can't take it anymore

I am a news junkie- CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC etc... I can't seem to stomach FOX anymore after reading a year's worth of their news coverage before the war in Iraq for my masters thesis- but that's beside the point. Anyway. I am going through serious news withdrawal. I like to wake up and drink my coffee while watching the news. But, I can't watch anything now or I might vomit from the unbelievable REWRITING of history going on- every channel, every freakin' second of the day. I mean, come on folks. Reagan was the beginning of the end with his revival/creation of radical cowboy conservatism . Like Chomsky said in an interview with Amy Goodman (I love that I can listen to Pacifica on itunes)- the most intense, aggressive people in bush's admin come from Reagan. Ugh. So, quit sugar coating everything. There are other things going on in the world right now. I could go on and on, but I won't. *Puke* is all I have to say. Another irritating thing on the news is watching OJ talk about Nicole on the anniversary of his murdering her. Give me a break- he is so guilty and got away with it b/c of his rich, football fame. Good news: My hooded sweater is now downstairs blocking!! I have to check on it soon to see how it is doing. I'll post a pic today I promise. And I leave for Maine/NYC tomorrow!! Yippie!! Yesterday Jo and I were flipping through the channels (trying not to watching crap about Reagan) and we came up with this idea for a blog entry... Jo & Wendy's Levels of Hell (from bad to worse) 1. Line Dancing 2. Karaoke 3. Being the only car on a road full of huge SUVs and Minivans 4. Repetitive news coverage focusing only on Reagan 5. Constant coverage of Bush's speeches 6. a 1984-type TV in everyone's houses where we would be forced to watch Bush's speeches and tributes to Reagan's life 24-7. 7. Water Parks (these are just totally hell) The levels of hell thing really started b/c of the commercial that came on for Noah's Ark Water Park. Tons of people in bathing suits floating around together on donuts. Totally frightening.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004
sandals, salad and seams

it finally feels like summer- I am wearing my sandals for the first time this year! today Jo and I went out to Mazomanie (spelled, correctly, right?!) and had a wonderful time hanging out with Reba. She helped me with the seaming of my hooded sweater and taught me how to knit socks (well, begin them at least) on 2 circular needles at once. I helped her sort out her yarn stash. She made us a wonderful lunch of all kinds of salad and cheeses- Jo and her had grilled burgers. Then, as if the day wasn't nice enough already, Goldie and Jo and I grilled up some veggie burgers, mushrooms and asparagus on Goldie's grill (which lives at our place). It was really my first time doing any grilling on my own, and the food turned out amazing. We had beer, we had dill chips, and it was all around a lovely evening. I finished seaming up my hoodie tonight and tried it on. it looks damn good if I must say so myself! I will post pictures, but I want to block it first. I didn't work at all on my masters thesis today- and it feels great. back to work tomorrow then i leave for nyc/maine on Wednesday!

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Saturday, June 05, 2004
yummy day!

I am finally in the head space to work on my masters thesis. So, right now it doesn't feel like torture. I love feeling like this. I wish I felt this way (and less tortured by work) more often. Jo is playing piano and it is beautiful. She got a new music review today on musical discoveries -its awesome (of course)!! Today was all about great food. We picked up our box of veggies from Harmony Valley and had such a fun time putting it all away! Wonderful mint, cilantro, kohlrabi, leeks, asparagus, sorrel (seems to taste good- we'll stir fry it), more rhubarb, pea vines, green onion, and 2 HUGE bags of salad! Our fridge is full of green stuff- we LOVE harmony valley so much!! Jo went out to get groceries and run errands (I was working so she didn't want to bother me which is so wonderful). We have stuff to make rhurbarb bread, and stuff to make a casserole with the kohlrabi, and stuff to make a coleslaw with the pea vines. Very exciting cooking!! Oh and, I made myself incredible pad thai noodles with veggies and fresh cilantro for dinner. It was amazing- better pad thai than I've had anywhere.

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things I will immediately consume upon entering nyc

-a bagel -a slice of pizza (and I do not mean sbarro's. yuck.) -a rootbeer flavored Italian ice things I will consume at some point during my stay in the city: -Italian food -a Greek salad with fresh pita -dim sum at Dim Sum Go Go -a veggie burger at DoJo's Jeez, I'm getting hungry already...

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the cake emergency

Last night Jo and I were getting ready to go out for a while (we were going to the house where she cat sits to do laundry, knit and watch a movie). I heard a car pull in and then saw Goldie running up to our door frantically with yucky, goopy, yellow stuff all over her hands. I momentarily panicked. I mean, why would she run up to our door with what looked like baby crap or vomit all over her hands? What could have happened? I let her into the kitchen and she ran to the sink to wash up. Then, she told me she had had a cake emergency in her car. Being the very thoughtful, sweet person that she is, she made a cake for a co-worker who had just moved into her new house. It was an angel food cake with yellowish frosting and she didn't have anything but a plate to put it on. So, on her way to work, she had made a sharp turn and the cake flew all over her and her car. She was near our place, so she drove to us for assistance. Indeed, her car (Rosie) was a MESS. The cake was rescued, but there was frosting all over the front of the car. The cake had also fallen, so all her time spent making it and baking it so it would puff up was now in vain. We rescued what we could of the cake and put it in a covered casserole dish. We decided instead of an angel food cake, it was now a "crash test" cake. Jo added some sprinkles to it to make it look a little better after being thrown around the car. I helped Goldie clean up the mess in her car (there was even frosting on our door). Then, we laughed and sat down to have a beer before she headed off again. that's the story of the cake emergency. I couldn't wait to blog it because I thought it would make people laugh. hopefully it has at least made you chuckle. Knitting News: *I have been putting off finishing my felted booga bag b/c lining it requires sewing. Yuck. But, I think tonight I will work on the strap. If I knit it on US 13s with doubled up worsted weight I think it will go very quickly. *I FINISHED the hoodie (wooohoooie). I just have to seam it up (and block it of course!). I am going to try to do invisible seaming like that described in "Knitting in Plain English". I think I'll seam it up tomorrow when Jo and I are in Mezzomanie. Reba, who at that point will be on the 3rd day of the rest of her life, is going to start me out on my first pair of socks. Very exciting. Now I have to get some work done today to justify playing tomorrow.

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Friday, June 04, 2004
It's 2:30pm and I might have a beer soon

I'm trying to work- and I think a beer may be necessary soon. I love beer so. It's a freakin' beautiful day outside. Jo is outside reading. I would sit out there with her but its hurts my eyes to try to look at my laptop in bright sunlight. So, I just watch her sitting outside from the window in my office. I had a meeting with a tech guy today about server space for the "Global Gender Research Network" project I am working on. Turns out we have to hire a programmer for like 20-40 hours to get the site up and running. It's a database site and I don't know MySQL or PHP and I don't have any interest in learning them. I hope that all works out. I am beginning to not like this project very much. I like the idea, and I think it will be very useful to people, BUT it is out of my league website-wise and that makes everything kind of stressful. Okay. I'll stop thinking about that for today and go back to the muddle of crap that is my literature review.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004
a nice dinner and a lovely cup of coffee

I just had a wonderful meal to celebrate Reba defending her Masters today (Yeah Reba!!) with Virginia and Ang. Then, I got home and Jo made a wonderful pot o' coffee. Yummy! I spent the day working at school- I am beginning to feel less and less productive at home. My attention seems to waver at home, with little things that easily distract me. Actually, my attention wavers so easily that I got a carrel at the library- it's like a little cage with a desk and chair that you sit and work in. No internet to distract there- and if I get the carrel I want on the 4th floor, the books are all in different languages. So, if I should try to wander off I won't be able to browse. Yeah, so I came close to having a panic attack today. When I have more than a couple projects that need my attention, I feel an overwhelming sense of chaos and I cease to function. Thus having 4 major projects isn't working out well right now. So, I wrote it all down, and made some lists, and mapped out some of my time and then felt a little better. I think I am just a 1-2 project type of person. Yikes. We have this wonderful kitten- we call her "the bean". We have cats- there are all very loving and well behaved. This is not our first kitten- we didn't raise her to be so bad. I don't know what went wrong! There are 2 kitten problems going on that we find disruptive. Problem 1) She won't eat food unless I sit with her and pat her while she eats. She will literally run and get me- usually getting my attention by knocking stuff off my desk, or climbing the bookcase, and then she'll lead me to the food. She won't eat it unless I am there. This is very sweet and all- but annoying because she is hungry a lot. I don't know why she is so codependent. I think if Jo and I had a kid, they would be able to eat on there own someday without a mommy paying attention to them. I hope she grows out of this. Problem 2) We got this wonderful 3-way bedside lamps that you touch the base and they turn on and off. They are very cool. Well, the bean figured out she could turn them on and off with her paw. So, now Jo gets woken up in the middle of the night by the lights turning on and off. It doesn't wake me up until Jo starts yelling at the bean. Anyone want a kitten- just kidding. We wouldn't give her up for anything.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
did I say PJ's album was good?

I clearly must have meant freakin' brilliant. This is an unbelievably incredible work of musical art. I love this woman.

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"uh huh her" uh huh damn good music

I am listening to polly jean's newest album "uh huh her" right now and it is seriously amazing. she just blows me away. i know it doesn't come out until Tuesday, but we happened to have a copy of it at work. It happened to get ripped into my ibook. Oh well. I'll buy it when it comes out. Some stuff you just have to own. And this one is long over due since "stories from the city stories from the sea" came out a few years ago... Not much else going on. Still working on the damned lit review. Not crying anymore though. I'm determined to finish this today. I have stacks of books and articles for the prelim. Yikes. I need to figure out what to take with me to Maine/NYC next week. I can't wait for the change of scenery. I am seriously going to spend every day looking at the ocean. It will be awesome. The little creek outside my window is cute- but it is no substitute for the ocean. And I'll get to see Jony and other NY/Maine buddies (Pam, Peg, Chris, Linda, Nancy, Mimi, Marlena). I am serious need of some quality hanging out time with my pals!! (as Pam would say- my buddies, my pals!!) Yesterday was great. We went to Noodles and then to Half Price. Then, we walked around Pier One resisting to the urge to buy things we can't afford. Oh well- it was fun anyway. I found 3 great books at Half Price- I love that place so. And I got my hair cut so wonderfully short. I love it. It also cracks me up that I have a strangely stereotypically close relationship with my hairdresser. We talk about shit that I don't talk about with other people. Funny.

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