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knit me more time...
Saturday, June 05, 2004
the cake emergency

Last night Jo and I were getting ready to go out for a while (we were going to the house where she cat sits to do laundry, knit and watch a movie). I heard a car pull in and then saw Goldie running up to our door frantically with yucky, goopy, yellow stuff all over her hands. I momentarily panicked. I mean, why would she run up to our door with what looked like baby crap or vomit all over her hands? What could have happened? I let her into the kitchen and she ran to the sink to wash up. Then, she told me she had had a cake emergency in her car. Being the very thoughtful, sweet person that she is, she made a cake for a co-worker who had just moved into her new house. It was an angel food cake with yellowish frosting and she didn't have anything but a plate to put it on. So, on her way to work, she had made a sharp turn and the cake flew all over her and her car. She was near our place, so she drove to us for assistance. Indeed, her car (Rosie) was a MESS. The cake was rescued, but there was frosting all over the front of the car. The cake had also fallen, so all her time spent making it and baking it so it would puff up was now in vain. We rescued what we could of the cake and put it in a covered casserole dish. We decided instead of an angel food cake, it was now a "crash test" cake. Jo added some sprinkles to it to make it look a little better after being thrown around the car. I helped Goldie clean up the mess in her car (there was even frosting on our door). Then, we laughed and sat down to have a beer before she headed off again. that's the story of the cake emergency. I couldn't wait to blog it because I thought it would make people laugh. hopefully it has at least made you chuckle. Knitting News: *I have been putting off finishing my felted booga bag b/c lining it requires sewing. Yuck. But, I think tonight I will work on the strap. If I knit it on US 13s with doubled up worsted weight I think it will go very quickly. *I FINISHED the hoodie (wooohoooie). I just have to seam it up (and block it of course!). I am going to try to do invisible seaming like that described in "Knitting in Plain English". I think I'll seam it up tomorrow when Jo and I are in Mezzomanie. Reba, who at that point will be on the 3rd day of the rest of her life, is going to start me out on my first pair of socks. Very exciting. Now I have to get some work done today to justify playing tomorrow.

posted by knit wit | 6/05/2004 08:38:00 AM

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