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knit me more time...
Saturday, June 26, 2004
from the mouthes of babes...

Jo and I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday afternoon. I have been reeling from it since then- so I am just posting about it today. The theatre was sold out- and all the evening shows were also already sold out. Let me just begin by thanking Michael Moore for making such an amazing movie. He is truly sent from somewhere (I'm not religious so I don't know from where he is sent) but he really has a purpose and is living it out. While I was in Jersey with Jony she showed me a clip from the extras on the DVD of "Bowling for Columbine". The clip was of Michael Moore in his backyard talking about the Oscar speech. Watching this I realized what a true and real person he is- not doing this for the fame, fortune, glamour etc... but doing what he does because he really cares about people and what is going on. So I went to the movie having this new respect and appreciation for Moore. I also went to this moving knowing a lot of what was in it- I've read about bush/suadi ties and I've also read a great deal about the corruption of the bush admin. So, much in the movie wasn't a surprise. Some of it was news to me- some of what the press swept under the rug (from major network interviews and NYT stories) was surprising. And the connections between bush and his cronies and Bin Laden were deeper than I even thought. What amazed and surprised me about this movie was the factuality of it- and how Moore really let these cronies and facts speak for themselves. I am the first person to point out that everything is bias and nothing is objective so I am not denying that this film didn't come from a certain, unhidden perspective BUT Moore brilliantly lets the "facts" unfold right from people's mouths. And the connections between the bush admin and the saudis are made in a way that they speak for themselves. I thought the film was passionate, but also restrained in a very interesting way- Moore just gave voice to what was pretty apparent all on its own. The criticism about the film is interesting. On one hand, you can tell the media is trying not to make a big deal about it. When they do mention it they sweep it under the rug as "heavily bias and factually incorrect". How could a criticism be that it isn't objective when nothing is truly objective? I bet they haven't even seen the movie. What amazes me is that the media had only 2 major factual criticisms about the film (a film with tons of facts and info in it) and both of those criticisms misquoted the movie to criticize it. They will try to find ways to tear this film down, but really folks, when you watch it you will see the corruption is pretty hard to spin away. The audience in our theatre was incredible. We laughed, cried, hissed and booed. Most importantly, this movie is a tribute to our troops- making the important point that our troops only ask us not to send them needlessly into harms way, and we did. And he goes back to Flint to talk about how it is that the poorest Americans end up serving in the military and end up sacrificing so much. that's my 2 cents about F9/11. just go and see it, okay? I'm going to see it at least once more to take my little sister to it. Like many poor kids who have somehow been told they are dumb- she often talks about joining the military.

posted by knit wit | 6/26/2004 10:03:00 AM

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