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knit me more time...
Thursday, June 03, 2004
a nice dinner and a lovely cup of coffee

I just had a wonderful meal to celebrate Reba defending her Masters today (Yeah Reba!!) with Virginia and Ang. Then, I got home and Jo made a wonderful pot o' coffee. Yummy! I spent the day working at school- I am beginning to feel less and less productive at home. My attention seems to waver at home, with little things that easily distract me. Actually, my attention wavers so easily that I got a carrel at the library- it's like a little cage with a desk and chair that you sit and work in. No internet to distract there- and if I get the carrel I want on the 4th floor, the books are all in different languages. So, if I should try to wander off I won't be able to browse. Yeah, so I came close to having a panic attack today. When I have more than a couple projects that need my attention, I feel an overwhelming sense of chaos and I cease to function. Thus having 4 major projects isn't working out well right now. So, I wrote it all down, and made some lists, and mapped out some of my time and then felt a little better. I think I am just a 1-2 project type of person. Yikes. We have this wonderful kitten- we call her "the bean". We have cats- there are all very loving and well behaved. This is not our first kitten- we didn't raise her to be so bad. I don't know what went wrong! There are 2 kitten problems going on that we find disruptive. Problem 1) She won't eat food unless I sit with her and pat her while she eats. She will literally run and get me- usually getting my attention by knocking stuff off my desk, or climbing the bookcase, and then she'll lead me to the food. She won't eat it unless I am there. This is very sweet and all- but annoying because she is hungry a lot. I don't know why she is so codependent. I think if Jo and I had a kid, they would be able to eat on there own someday without a mommy paying attention to them. I hope she grows out of this. Problem 2) We got this wonderful 3-way bedside lamps that you touch the base and they turn on and off. They are very cool. Well, the bean figured out she could turn them on and off with her paw. So, now Jo gets woken up in the middle of the night by the lights turning on and off. It doesn't wake me up until Jo starts yelling at the bean. Anyone want a kitten- just kidding. We wouldn't give her up for anything.

posted by knit wit | 6/03/2004 08:30:00 PM

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