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knit me more time...
Friday, June 11, 2004
this is really a small town

and I don't mean so much that it is small in size, I mean it is small, but it is small b/c 4 generations of my family have lived here and we know everyone. I mean, it strikes me every time I come home to visit. Mom and I always drive around town and talk about everyone. There are some neighborhoods (well most neighborhoods in town) where we have known every family who lived in every house. In some houses we know 2 or 3 generations of families who have lived in that house. So, we drive around and say things like "what happened to so and so who lived there" or "the Grayson's painted their house a nice color" and "what is their daughter doing now" etc... Mom and I have been visiting nursing homes- a depressing way to spend a vacation. We are trying to find a place for assisted living care for my aunt to stay for a couple months and continue to get physical therapy. My aunt is in a horrible nursing home right now. it makes me very sad that there are people in there for the rest of their lives- it is understaffed and very crowded and depressing. My aunt had to call my mother to have her call the nursing station b/c she was waiting for a bed pan for 45 minutes. Needless to say, this atmosphere is not helping her to feel better and get back on her feet again (well her one foot at least). So we are finding her a better place to be for a while. I taught her how to knit today. She did VERY well- she was a great student. In our travels through area nursing homes I was also further reminded of how small the town is and how my family literally knows 4 generations of people. In one nursing home my mother saw her 4th grade teacher who remembered her! In another, I found my elementary school principal who remembered some silly story about my in preschool telling him my hair was golden. We have run into people who knew me and I didn't even know then. I went to Shaw's (the grocery store) and had people who I didn't know come up to me b/c the knew my aunt or mother or grandmother. It's not that my family is famous or any shit like that- it is just that kind of town. Its endearing and I love it. My dad is watching the Reagan funeral for the 2nd time today. Jeez I can't believe I am be subjected to this. Its not even that my dad loved Reagan- he watches it for the music. Weird. Okay- off to eat with Mom and Dad!

posted by knit wit | 6/11/2004 04:59:00 PM

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