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knit me more time...
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
what I've been up to...

It's been so long since I posted. I just didn't feel like it. Before that I was raving to my sister about how fun blogging is and then I stopped wanting to do it- briefly anyway. But here I'll try to catch readers (if there are any) up on stuff... -I spent a wonderful day running errands with loopy yesterday. She was so great to drive Jo and I around to do stuff b/c our car is in the garage. I talked to them today and it is just the thermostat that went on the car so that is a simple and relatively cheap thing to repair. -Yesterday was my first day back in Madison after being (happily) away from the midwest for 2 weeks. Over the weekend I was in NYC loving life and having a wonderful time catching up with some of the finest people (and best friends) ever- Pam, Peggy, Mimi and Jony. I could live in the city again easily. I just love being there. I stayed with Pam and her cats Ernie and Bert in the city. Here are my furry hosts: Friday night we went out for beer and then we ate at my favorite restaurant, Dim Sum Go Go and then tried to go to some lesbian bars afterwards. Turns out they have all traded their jukeboxes for DJs and they are really loud and the people hanging out there seemed way too young. Or maybe I am too old now. Jeez. Here's a cute picture of Pam and Peggy: Saturday Pam and I walked all over the east and west village drinking beer everywhere we could. We hung out at Henry's (much quieter compared with the night before) and ate some fine NYC pizza. We stopped at the famous old, hidden bar, Chumley's. It was one of those secret bars from the days of prohibition. But, they cleaned it all up. Tableclothes, and no more sawdust on the floor. It kind of wrecks the charm. Here's a picture of the alley way leading to Chumley's. there is no sign- you have to know it is there. Saturday night Mimi and I went out for margaritas and not-so-amazing food. But, who cared about the food, the company and conversation were the best. Sunday I spent in Jersey with Jony. We ate at a diner, played trivial pursuit and hung out- we read some funny notes that I found that Jony had written me in junior high. Wow- the "exciting" drama that went on when we were young!- good times all around. I loved the train ride back from Jersey. I love train rides in general. Monday I spent the morning, literally 4 hours, at the Strand going through thousands of books. I love that store and miss it- I found a very rare out of print sociology book that goes for tons of money online for only 5 bucks. I ate in union square and hung out in the area before heading back to Wisconsin. -I had a wonderful time in Maine too. I ate tons of lobster. Yes, I realize that this makes me no different thana ll the other the hypocritcal people out there eating creuly treated animals. Yes, I am a vegetarian but I eat fish and shellfish. Only when it is locally caught etc... I chaulk this up to my coastal upbringing. My sister, when we were bringing the bag of lobster home, told them very sweetly "you are going in my tummy". I told them that too. Seemed to make me feel a little better about eating them. So, here are before and after pics of our lobster. -I added to my collection of old photos. I collect very old photos of very interesting people in front of their farms, in their living rooms etc... I found this one photo of an old women staring off into space. The caption on the back reads "Grandma Lord after the shock". Dad and I think this must be referring to a stroke, not to electric shock treatment. -Most of my time in Maine my mother spent moving my aunt out of a horrible, abusive nursing home where she was supposed to be getting rehab and wasn't. It was exhausting, upsetting, and time consuming but now she is in a wonderful rehab assited living place getting great treatment and learning how to do things for herself again. Because of this, and a lack of ability to focus on anything, I decided to forgo taking the prelim this summer. I'll take it in January. I am too behind and I don't have the time in the next month to study as much as I need to. I feel so much better after deciding this!! And here's a beautiful pic of the ocean off of Bailey Island:

posted by knit wit | 6/23/2004 11:36:00 AM

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