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knit me more time...
Sunday, July 18, 2004
another blog coming soon...

Yes, it is true. My girl is going to start her own blog. Last night after we finished watching a great movie (Gothika, I would highly recommend it), Jo began to give her usual critique of the film- how she would recommend it, where it borrowed (in a good way) some of its images from (Italian filmmakers) etc... And then she said "you know, I could have a blog and give film reviews on it...". Now, I have been bugging her about having a blog for a while, because I think she would have such interesting things to share- not just reviews of films, but pictures of her cooking and other tidbits. Let's face it, Jo is a pretty fascinating person. So, soon I am sure I'll be announcing her blog. I know you can't wait. Last night on our way to rent the movie, we saw a bunny convention on the side of the road. There were literally like 5 bunnies hanging out together on a patch of grass. We thought they must be having a convention about carrots or something else of importance to bunnies. Then, we thought maybe sir edwin and loopy could sing their Bunny Opera at the bunny convention. I don't know how much bunnies would pay for such a service, but I bet they would love it. After talking about this possible performance, we wondered if bunnies were considered smart, and thus not edible by dumbatarians. If they have conventions, could they be dumb? The cutest thing just happened outside. We see people canoeing down the creek all the time, but two women just went by in a canoe with their dog between them. The dog looked like the happiest dog ever. Jo and I want to get a canoe so badly- definitely before next summer. I wonder which one of the cats would want to canoe with us?

posted by knit wit | 7/18/2004 11:11:00 AM

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