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knit me more time...
Saturday, July 10, 2004
books & manliness

Last night I worked at Borders for a few hours. There was some serious assertion of masculinity going on last night. While I was working on the register, I had a young guy come up with a stack of books. He was buffed, polished and well-groomed, probably a frat boy. He reminded me of a student I had one semester who would constantly ask questions like "what would the ladies think about that" and "well ladies would want a guy who was...". So I rang up his books. I usually only half notice what people buy- being on the register is so robotic. He had a few muscle building books- something about "rock hard rippling abs" and "enormously huge arms" (not the actual title but close). Then, he also had a couple Nicholas Sparks books. When I rang those up he said "oh and of course those aren't mine". And I kind of laughed and said "I really don't care if they are or not". And he said "well they are romance books- not for me at all" and I just laughed again. I think my laughing at his manly assertion kind of through him for a loop. Later on, I was picking up piles of books and reshelving them. I loath it when customers sit with a HUGE stack of books as it just prevents us from getting out of there on time. I saw a large stack of books on the floor next to an older man sitting in a chair. He was reading sometime so I said "excuse me are you done with these" and he replied "oh- those aren't my books. why would I look at those books?". He was clearly very upset that I suggested that the stack of quilting books was his. So I asked (putting on my flighty, dissociated retail hat to push his buttons some more) "oh so you're done with them then". And he again got really forceful and said "no because I was never looking at them". Whatever. I took the stack of quilting books and reshelved them. I also work with a guy (well I have only worked with him like twice) who is a staunch republican, right wing conservative. His name really is (and I won't change it to protect him b/c he wouldn't read this anyways) Palmer. Last night I was talking politics with a few other employees. I also treated myself to this amazing book of international peace and anti-bush posters as it was 40% off night for employees. Later on, the guy who works in the cafe asked me how much I was into politics. So I told him I was fast becoming a frightening news junky- reading news online with CNN in the background all day. He chuckled and told me to come back to the cafe later when Palmer and him were working together. He always wanted to pick a political argument with Palmer, but didn't know enough to read go toe to toe with him. So, he was going to pick a fight between Palmer and I. I didn't do it, I not only am tired of arguing with repugs, but I (dare I admit this) am having a hard time taking seriously the political viewpoint of any working class American who would support bush. Such a political argument would only result in messiness. Similarly- sometimes I think news stories in the onion could really be true, real reporting instead of satire. Like this one.

posted by knit wit | 7/10/2004 07:22:00 AM

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