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knit me more time...
Friday, July 23, 2004
captive tomatos

I went to the Willy St. co-op today for some fruit and a couple ingredients needed for cooking tonight. I love going and just wandering around, checking out the veggies, the sales for members etc... But, there is one guy who works there who really bugs me. The last time I went, he rang me up and as I put my tomatos into my hippie-mesh bag, he asked me why I was taking them captive. I didn't know what to say in response. "Uhhhmmm I have to put them in here to take them home" or "are you suggesting I free them by letting them go somewhere?" or "should I count on them to follow me home?". So, I just kind of laughed instead. Which seemed to egg him on, so he made some other kind of creepy comment and I tried to be polite and left. Today at the co-op I managed to end up at this guy's register again. This time he asked me why I was buying potatoes. Not used to having to explain purchases, I laughed it off as a joke. Then, he asked me about the basil I was buying. Again, I tried to laugh it off but he kept talking about the basil. This guy seems really creepy to me, but everyone else who works there is always so nice. The woman in front of me today was also having a very normal, friendly cash-register type discussion with him and he wasn't being weird with her. Is it just me? Do I have some sign on me that says "mess with me about my produce?". See, I don't generally like interacting with people I don't know. Jo, on the other hand will chat and joke with cashiers, clerks, bank employees or whoever. Its wonderful she has this gift because I don't. I'm not rude, but I don't want to make idle conversation. I just really want to buy my groceries and say "thank-you" and "you're welcome" and "have a nice day" and then leave. So, I will now make an effort to avoid this guy when I go to Willy St. In other news, our fridge is well organized with wonderful tupperware fridgesmart containers. Our vegetables are snug, organized and well-ventilated. Yay!

posted by knit wit | 7/23/2004 03:02:00 PM

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