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knit me more time...
Monday, July 12, 2004
christian romantic thrillers and lesbian grilling

Tonight Goldie and I where laughing so hard as we came up with an idea for a cookbook "A Lesbian Guide to Grilling". See, we had never grilled much on our own before Goldie won a Webber grill in a raffle at Borders. Tonight we grilled on it for the 2nd time. We aren't pros, but we feel like we are getting the hang of it. We grilled the old stand-bys, asparagus, mushrooms and veggie burgers. We also tried grilling fennel for the first time. We covered the fennel with garlic, olive oil and parmesan. We grilled them for a long time until the outsides were all black. Well, we thought we had failed- drinking too much beer and chatting too much instead of watching the grill, until we peeled back the top layers of fennel. And what we saw was amazing. The insides we buttery and soft and very delicious. I would definitely not only grill fennel again, but I recommend grilling it highly. While we were eating we decided we were so good at grilling that we should write a guide for grilling for lesbians who might need such knowledge. Now, I am not suggesting that grilling is somehow inherently lesbian, but there are plenty of "manly guides to grilling" out there (like this one) and grilling is certainly not inherently masculine either. Its amazing the lame ideas for cookbooks and other "guide to" books that get published (here's another example) so we think we could certainly sell a few of our book. Here are the ideas that we making us laugh so hard: - a guide to accommodating both meat-eating and vegetarian lesbians on the same grill. We did this successfully tonight. Jo had her grilled burgers and we had our veggies and no meat juices got on our veggie stuff. - chapters on grilling specific foods. okay this wouldn't be any more special than any other grilling book, but our enthusiasm would certainly count for something. - Jo could have a section on grilling organic meat- simply without seasonings or anything to "mask the taste" (as she says) -chapters on sides- cole slaws, potato salads - an extensive guide to matching beers to foods. for example- how Newcastle goes with any grilling, but a darker chocolate lager goes great with grilled veggies smothered in garlic. We would mention the specific companies (many in WI of course) and review the different beers we've tried out. [actually maybe we should just publish a beer guide] okay the "list mania" stuff that comes up when you search on amazon is so weird. Somehow, when searching simply for "man" and "grilling" I came up with this list: Christian Romantic Thrillers that don't put you to sleep. hmmmmmm...

posted by knit wit | 7/12/2004 11:18:00 PM

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