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knit me more time...
Thursday, July 08, 2004
endlessly irritated

I am endlessly irritated by the fact that a certain prof i took a class from last semester has yet to change my grade as she promised. Every connection i have tried to make (or have made) with this batty person has resulted in irritation. I approached this prof about being on my masters thesis committee and she read my stuff and then suggested I do something entirely different, in a realm of sociology that I'm not all that interested in. Then I took a seminar from this prof and suffered through extremly irritating discussions with a lot of toolish people that ultimately resulted in nothing but frustration. But, I participated. I wrote questions, I did (most) of the readings. I thought at the end "I don't deserve an A, but an AB would be fine. Then this prof gave me a B. I emailed her and reminded her of my class participation and asked her why I got a B. She emailed me back "Oh I forgot about your participation so I will change your grade based on that to an AB". The she said that she basically hated my final paper, which she knew ahead of time was going to be a part of my masters thesis. She was upset that the paper was a part of my masters, and she described it as "lousy". So, I thanked her for changing the grade, and suggested we meet about my paper at some point. I suggested we came from 2 very different schools of research and I defended a few of the things she said made my paper "lousy". A few weeks later she emailed me comments on the paper. Comments that made it clear to me she misunderstood/misread major chunks of my paper and basically disagreed with the approach. I noticed the grade wasn't changed yet, so I emailed her to ask her about that and to thank her for her comments. No email back. No grade change yet. This person is leaving UW now and I fear I will get stuck with the crummy B. In other news... I took a vicodin this afternoon. I usually don't like to take stuff but my neck stiffness was so bad. Then, feeling really high, I ordered some lush products and knit for a while. I still feel really weird so I'm going to go knit some more.

posted by knit wit | 7/08/2004 05:26:00 PM

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