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knit me more time...
Saturday, July 31, 2004
lots of work and some protein

no time to post today... It seems that after spending at least half of every day this past week watching the DNC, I have a lot of work to get done this weekend. Highlights of my day? hmmmm... Picking up our vegetables is always a highlight. I organized them in our fridge tupperware and then made yummy salads for lunch. Lately I have been into crumbling up hardboiled eggs in my salad. Reba is responsible for this actually. She had hardboiled eggs for me when I ate lunch at her place once (her and Jo were eating meat and she figured I needed protein). Until then, I had forgotten about putting eggs on salad. So, thanks for the protein advice Reba! Actually until this past year I hated hard boiled both eggs and egg salad sandwiches. Now I love them and I can't recall why I hated them for so long. I can be very stubborn about things like that. Similarly, I thought I hated Indian food for a very long time. I must have eaten at a bad Indian restaurant when I was a kid. Then, I tried it (actually, Reba made me try it) and found out that I love it and had missed out on many great Indian dining experiences while I lived in the NYC area. I am also stubborn about many other things, but I am too tired to try list some more right now.

posted by knit wit | 7/31/2004 11:14:00 PM

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