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knit me more time...
Saturday, July 03, 2004
my long lost twin

I'm having my coffee and catching up on some other people's blogs that I haven't read in ages. I really dislike large crowds, loud fireworks and such so I'll do some website work this 4th of July weekend. I feel like lighting a white candle for our country to maybe help it to transition out of this present administration ruled by religious fundies. Maybe that will be what I do that is "patriotic" today- patriotic in a way not defined by grilling, flag t-shirts, war, and blind-following of the 'resident. My advisor emailed me that I'll have comments from her by Monday- she said she was spending her weekend on my thesis draft. I hardly think it is worth an entire weekend and I would hope she has other things to do as well. Yikes. But, at least I can stop obsessively checking my email until Monday and get some website work done. I woke up this morning feeling more achy than I did before I went to bed. This happens every morning and it usually takes a nice hot shower to snap my body out of it. I have an appointment with an maxillofacial doctor in a couple weeks. I made it when I realized (actually a friend at Borders clued me in to this) that not everyone has neck pain every day! Wow- who knew? Back when I dislocated my jaw I didn't have great health insurance so didn't really get all the follow-up I probably needed. So, I think everything now is now way out of whack. Funny that Amy, who I don't know personally but has an amazing blog that I read regularly, had the same dislocating thing happen to her. We've exchanged emails about it and other uncanny coincidences between the 2 of us- she is like my long lost twin or something! back to my coffee and eventually a nice hot shower...

posted by knit wit | 7/03/2004 08:55:00 AM

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