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knit me more time...
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
political stupidity I can't handle anymore

tonight I was watching Hardball and it was about Fahrenheit 9.11. Now, if I was going to talk on a show where a certain film was the topic of discussion, I would actually see the film. I mean, isn't it just a nice general practice to be acquainted with whatever you are going to be critical of (or whatever you are going to be praising for that matter)? I was reading about the documentary Outfoxed in the Nation and the reviewer had indeed seen the film. I however have not seen the film yet, so I will not talk about it. But, I can say that I believe Fox is just an arm of the GOP re-selection campaign. And I can say that because I have watched lots of Fox and read lots of transcripts of Fox. How idiotically frustrating was it to watch 3 people talk for 40 minutes about a film they haven't watched? For example, Trent Holt (one of my least favorite republicans ever) was arguing that Moore's use of footage of the WTC on 9.11 was worse than Bush's use of the images in his campaign ads. Reason? Moore is making money off of the images. How silly is this? Well, if you have seen F9.11 you would know that not a single image of the WTC is used. There is a scene where the screen is black, and you hear the sounds of commotion. But, no image. Watching people on the news argue about something that didn't exist because they were too stupid to see what they were talking about was very frustrating to say the least. The news used to make me laugh. I used to hear bush speak and crack up. I used to laugh my ass off at republican's twisted "logic". I used to joke about how this admin is screwing everything up. Well, it isn't funny anymore. Actually, I feel like I am stuck in a slow car accident that I can't control. I have never been a registered democrat, and I have never care much for them. But, this present admin is messing everything up more than any democrat could ever do. The right-wing agenda at home and the macho foreign policy is just disgusting. So, now it makes me cry. All of a sudden I see any democrat peddling their democratic nice sounding ideas (Kerry, Edwards, whoever) and I want them to send bush back to Texas so badly that it makes me cry. Have I moved into the complacent, Anybody But Bush camp? Well, no, because I know if Kerry was in office we would all have to re-direct our attention and energy to making sure he does all he says he will do.

posted by knit wit | 7/20/2004 10:04:00 PM

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