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knit me more time...
Sunday, July 25, 2004
Sunday Morning

I must get airport express so that I can blog from my bed on a lazy Sunday morning while drinking coffee and watching the Sunday Morning show... That would be the best! I let myself sleep in a little because I am going in to work at Borders tonight to help with inventory (when RGIS comes and counts/scans everything we have in the store). I was excited to sign up to help because I have such fond memories of inventories through the years- counting, printing stickers, pulling books etc... Easy, relatively stress-free work. Then, I remembered something frusterating about how this store does inventory (as opposed to my original store in Commack). When the RGIS people's scanners don't work on a barcode, they throw the book off the shelf into a pile. Well, because many barcodes don't print well the pile by the end of the night is HUGE. In my other store, when a RGIS person couldn't scan a book, we would read them the number off the sticker, and they would go on scanning. Easy, simple, and saves a lot of work in the end. But, at this store, that is unheard of. I had blocked this memory out, but I remember last year being told reading the number wasn't feasible, and I spent the evening fuming as I watched needless work pile up around me. I'll try to keep my head out of that tonight. Who the fuck cares, right? Last night we watched "Mystic River" [spoiler warning]. Ugh. Okay, the acting was great and I loved that the movie took place in Boston (one of my favorite cities). I also hated the stupid way they make New Englanders sound. Maybe I just don't hear it, but I never remember people talking like that. The worse thing about this movie is that everything in it sucks all around and it is pretty predictable. Its a huge downer- girl is killed, everyone blames the poor guy who was molested as a kid (even his wife), someone kills the wrong person to avenge his daughter's murder and seems to get away with it- the movie ends pretty much like that. A big downer. Now, it was fun, so I would recommend it if someone wanted to wallow in sadness and tragedy. But, afterwards I wanted to watch the Golden Girls to make everything okay again before I went to sleep.

posted by knit wit | 7/25/2004 09:24:00 AM

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