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knit me more time...
Friday, July 09, 2004
technical stuff

I just put new wiper blades on my beloved volvo wagon, and I changed the washer fluid pump. It made me feel good to do a few constructive, hands on things. When I bought the stuff at Checkers Auto Parts today the guy there wanted to know if I had bought the right stuff, and if I needed to be shown how to install them. "Ummm. No. Thanks. I got it" I replied. I get annoyed when men in these stores assume I can't pick up a screwdriver or locate the washer pump in my car. I also purchased oil. I think most people (men and women) ought to at least know how to put oil in their car. Getting out my tools and doing these small tasks makes me miss my technical theatre days. I kind of long for it every once in a while. Summers spent working day and night in summer stock theatre were the best- filled with spot lights, hydraulic nail guns, crazy temperamental theatre people, electrical tape, tool belts, musicals etc... I miss it but not enough to go back to it. The lifestyle of a lighting designer jumping from job to job dealing with directors and tech people just wasn't for me. Soon into remembering how lovely technical theatre was, I begin to remember some of the serious pain-in-the-ass things that would happen. I love teasing Jo when she says things like "I think I'll have a cereal" or "I'll have a few bread-crumbs on my mac&cheese". In the case of the cereal, I'll get her a bowl of milk with a single piece of cereal in it. Like a kamut-puff floating all alone (yes, this is the hippie kind of cereal we like). Or in the case of this afternoon and the mac & cheese, I put exactly 3 bread-crumbs on it. Teasing her this way is fun, for me at least.

posted by knit wit | 7/09/2004 02:41:00 PM

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