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knit me more time...
Thursday, July 22, 2004
thinking about my orange cardigan

This morning I decided to work on a neglected WIP (for those non-knitting folks that means "work in progress"). I ripped out the cuffs of the sleeves on a shrug I made for Jo. The cuffs came out too tight, and I wanted to make them longer. So, I actually worked on it. For the first time in months. It shouldn't take too long to finish. I am also ready to begin the sleeves of my orange Peace Fleece Everyday Cardigan (scroll down a ways to see it). I finished the front and back and it is coming out wonderfully. I think I will wear this one all fall. Who else would happily wear an orange cardigan? I have 2 other WIPs that need my attention: (1) my ribbon tank top. This one will only take a weekend of TV-watching knitting so what am I waiting for? (2) my bag. I need to finish knitting the strap and then felt it. Then, I need to sew in the bag's lining. Ugh. I just don't feel like sewing. So, not only have I been sneaking in some knitting... but I am making headway on the thesis. I realize that it is my process to think a lot about things a lot before I actually sit down to work on them. Then, when I do sit down I write I work with furry as if nothing can stop me. This "thinking phase" used to freak me out; "I'm not doing any work, I must suck" and now it really doesn't. I give myself time to think, read it over, think again, make notes etc... I think about it in the shower mostly, while washing the dishes, while falling asleep. I have always been described as an "in my head" kind of person. So, I am relieved to no longer be struggling against this. Last night I not only thought a lot about my thesis, I made a lot of notes and lists of things to do and how to do them. Something tangible on paper makes me feel better. Tonight I am taking Jo out to eat. She has not only a record deal, but a studio to record material in. Yiiipppiieee!

posted by knit wit | 7/22/2004 05:29:00 PM

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