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knit me more time...
Thursday, July 29, 2004
total insanity

I've been watching a lot of CSPAN lately- not just the convention but the segments where callers get to talk. Jeez Louise. The rhetoric of the conservative right is really ramping up and beginning to sound like sheer insanity. Yesterday I had CSPAN on in the background while I was working and I stopped and came in to the living room because a caller who had initially been giving an intelligent comment had gone on a mad rant about democrats ripping apart babies. And this is not the first time I heard a caller go on such a rant. Yeah, people who call in are usually zealots, but I think there is a trend here in using harsher and harsher rhetoric. Are they getting scared? Maybe. Anne Coulter's column was kicked out of USA Today this week when she submitted her first DNC article which began: "the Satan worshippers have converged in hell...". I read her entire column on her website, and maybe a shrink should also read it. It seems she is moving toward sheer insanity. I was hanging out with some people I know through Borders last night and we were drinking and watching the DNC speeches. We were trying to figure out (being people who live pay check to pay check in low paying retail jobs paying too much for health care and not having the right to organize) working class Americans can support Bush. This makes very little sense to me. But, I really think maybe it comes down to rhetoric (the cowboy etc) and blind, ignorant support. People don't read or hear for themselves what the "other side" says. They get it spun back by repugs and journalists. And bush's admin relies on this ignorance (and fear mongering) and that is frightening. I heard someone on PBS last night (Lehrer maybe) say that our country is in a "cold civil war". Could be. Any thoughts on this? Insights? I seem to be focusing my blog on politics this week anyway, might as well have the comments political too. Don't be shy. Kerry better not screw up tonight (not like I think he would, but the pressure and expectations of what he has to do are high). He better address some very specific attack ad issues (his vote on okaying war, vote on no child left behind, vote on veteran's benefits). Come on... come on... I'll believe it when I see it, but I have hope after this week of speeches that we might be able to boot bush out. PS- b/c Ang doesn't have comments on her blog I'll just have to comment here: I agree that blind confidence is important and probably takes less energy than feeling like crap about oneself. But, I have real confidence and no doubt that ang will kick that gender prelim's ass.

posted by knit wit | 7/29/2004 08:46:00 AM

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