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knit me more time...
Thursday, July 29, 2004

Last night when we were at Goldie's watching the convention, we had the closed captioning on and whoever was typing the captions was really screwing up. The most memorable was during Edward's speech and the caption read "tunities" instead of "opportunities" like 3 times in a row. So, Jo and I have been laughing a lot about these "tunities" today and we think everyone should have them! We watched all the hoopla tonight- I even sat my very own g.w.bush doll up on the couch to watch the DNC. I figured bush himself wasn't watching it- so I made my own bush doll watch it. I also lit the white candle that I had with me at the candlelight vigil against invading Iraq, the same one I lit the night we invaded Iraq (a prime time invasion of course). I guess I am kind of hippie in lighting of white candles in times when I want things to be better. Yes, I also thought Kerry went a little fast with his speech tonight. But, if that is all they (the media who are going to find something to rip him apart) have to criticize about him than I am happy with that. I thought the speech was amazing. I wasn't sure if he could pull it off- but he did and he addressed the points I wanted him to and surprised me with more than I ever thought he would say. I was (and still am) listening to callers call in on cspan. I have a couple things that I'd like to say to critics of Kerry (steaming from the comments made by callers): 1) Kerry voted against that damned 87 billion dollars to fund troops b/c it was a bad bill, and wasn't clear where the money was coming from or what it would do. Give me a break. Would a veteran really vote against this if it was a good bill? 2) Bush is not for the working class. He says he is. He may smile at you while he mispronounces words in his speeches, but he will cut taxes for the rich before he gives you a tax break. Actually, that's what he did. 3) Setting standards for education is great. Funding education so it can reach those standards is even better. Are your kids better off in school right now? Can you pay to send your kids to college? How much do those college financial aid cuts hurt? 4) Republicans do not own religion. Hello folks. This is one of the most religious countries in the world- democrat, republican whoever. More people go to church here than in any other country each week. Democrats go to church. I know that might seem shocking. But it is true. 5) Democrats are not trying to make themselves seem moderate or conservative. Did you see the convention? It was so diverse I couldn't believe it. Native Americans sang the national anthem in their native language for crying out loud. 6) Does Bush know what is like to be in combat? Does he know what he sends our troops into? No. Sorry. He doesn't have a clue about combat or war. The closest he came was an airfield in Texas. I may not have any military in my immediate family but I can recognize the sacrifices Kerry has made for this country. And what was Bush doing? Running an oil company, running a baseball team... 7) It is not "negative campaigning" when you point out something your opponent has done that is wrong. For example, messing with the constitution is wrong and saying so doesn't make a negative campaign. What makes a negative campaign is deliberating misguiding people on things like Kerry's voting record. Read his record for yourself. Don't just believe Scarborough and campaign commercials. Jeez. 8) Republicans do not own patriotism. On a similar note, being in a time of war does not mean we can't have a new president. Jeez, if that were the case then getting into war would be all anyone would have to do to stay in office another term. Frightening. Wow I went on a rant. Okay. Tomorrow my lowly blog will turn back to grad school, organic vegetables and knitting (and I am sure it will slip into politics again). In closing, I hope for all of you all the tunities you need in life. [and I hope the end of this presidency is finally happening]

posted by knit wit | 7/29/2004 10:58:00 PM

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