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knit me more time...
Friday, August 20, 2004
lush is from the goddesses

First, let me state that I am so not a girly-girl. Not that being one is a bad thing for someone else. I think shaving legs is a silly waste of my time. I have just never been into make-up, smelly soaps (other than the lavender soap from Trader Joes), nighttime creams or whatever other over-packaged crap the aisles of Walgreens are filled with. I've always believed that all soap was just soap, that all shampoo was just shampoo, and that all hair gel was like all other hair gel. Well, a couple things have changed. First, thanks to my friend Sir Edwin I discovered LUSH. She brought everyone back some from a trip last year. One of the things she brought me was Alkmaar soap. I used it up until there was nothing left. Never had I smelled a soap before that made me want to die it smelled so good. And after I use it I smell my arm during the day because the scent is still there. Jasmine, honeysuckle and vanilla. Unbelievable. Another treat she brought me on that trip was a Big Softy Bath Bomb. It seems that no matter how stressed out I am, how sore my neck is, or how much I can't shut my brain down at night, this stuff puts me right to sleep. It knocks me out cold. And the smell is wonderful. But it is pink, it has little rose petals in it, and thus it is the most surprisingly girly thing I have probably ever done. The benevolently generous Lush Fairies just sent us an overwhelming bunch of Lush stuff. I smelled the alkmaar for the first time in a year, and almost died again. We have so much soap, we will never have to buy it again. Thanks to the Lush Fairies we will be very clean, stress-free and lovely smelling for a long time to come. I will give them big hugs when I see them tomorrow. Okay, the other thing that is surprising to me are the new hair products I am using. No, not Lush hair stuff (I wish!) but just some Aveda stuff my hair dresser sold me (after trying to sell it to me for over a year). Turns out that all shampoo is not the same. And good shampoo makes my hair less frizzy and more shiny. And it also turns out that using $2 hair gel in your hair just doesn't make it look as good as $20 hair gel. I've learned a lot. And it is frightening knowledge. Don't worry, though, I won't be shaving my legs anytime soon. PS- I am currently applying for PA jobs (letters of interest, CV, oh my). Don't know if that means I'll get one. I guess this what has to happen. I am laughing about it right now. Is has to work out right? That's what they said, right?

posted by knit wit | 8/20/2004 04:52:00 PM

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