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knit me more time...
Friday, August 27, 2004
the past couple days

Linda leaves today... Last night they finished their 4 day recording session by bringing in an awesome celloist who did some incredible work on some of the songs. The recording session was a success- yeilding some wonderful music to send to Kalinkaland in Germany. It was also fun. Here are some highlights: * Wednesday Linda finished up with all her drum tracks, and since she had spend most of her time in Madison in the studio, I took her down to State St. and to get ice cream at Memorial Union. She bought a "Mad City" shirt and we laughed at all the undergrads with their parents following them everywhere. * When we got home on Wednesday evening (Jo still at the studio doing vocal tracks) Goldie came over, and we went out to buy food and different kinds of local beers for Linda to try. By the time Jo got home from recording we were pretty trashed and it was lots of fun. * Last night Linda and I hung out in the engineer booth with Wendy (she is the engineer) and while Jo sang her heart out in the vocal boot, we all tried to see how many push-ups we could do each. I did only (not surprising) and Linda and Wendy did many more. * Wendy also introduced us to a new wonderfully amazing restaurant in Madison. She is also a transplant from NYC so she knows how hard it is to find decent food here. We ate at the Vientiane Palace down on Gorham and let's just say that I am in love with the curry squash. Wendy said it would change my life. She was not wrong. * Late last night, with the recording finished, Linda and Jo wanted junk food. So, I drove them through the MacDonald's on E. Washington. I was shocked to see that teenagers (and some who seem to be older as well) tailgate in the MacDonald's parking lot late at night. Creepy. Who knew? Well I better wake up the sleepy heads and feed the cats so we can eat some breakfast at Marigold's before Linda goes home.

posted by knit wit | 8/27/2004 08:43:00 AM

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