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knit me more time...
Friday, September 03, 2004
Bush Lies

Yup. Lies. His speech was lies and more lies. Some empty promises about nice sounding domestic stuff (none of which he'll follow through on or fund adequately), but his view of the world is truly frightening. War is peace. Peace is war. Invading other countries and imposing forms of government on them. Sick stuff really. I cried when Bush talked about defending marriage and everyone cheered. But, Kerry came back fighting last night. I hope he continues that through the next 2 months. He could do NOTHING in office and still be better than Bush. CNN should have had aired Jony and my speech commentary. It was great. Jony is still here and it is great. She went to stats with me yesterday and then explained the class to me afterwards. I told her to move here so she could be my own personal stats tutor. She also looked over the stats in my masters thesis and showed me some of what I did wrong. It's just great having her around b/c we never run out of things to talk about and I never have to explain myself to her.

posted by knit wit | 9/03/2004 08:59:00 AM

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