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knit me more time...
Saturday, September 25, 2004
october surprise

I love that it is like fall today. Now I have to finish my orange cardigan so that I can start wearing it! But, my allergies are bad. I can't really smell anything even though I did take an allegra. Oh well. This past week was a whirlwind of busy and more busy. Mostly just getting the hang of my new job. But, nothing seems to want to slow down. A thesis to finish, stats test this week and the inevitable mounds of work ahead. So, why have I spent until 2:30pm today doing nothing? I am also filled with nervousness about the election. And this week I met other people who, like me, are loosing sleep, feeling a little insane/depressed/nervous and having crazy election dreams. I am worried that I'll be immobilized with depression and anger if Bush ends up in office again. So, I am trying to go on blind optimism (but this is increasingly hard). Because this week, probably because I spent some time making survey phone calls of Wisconsin union folk for the election, I was feeling pretty good about Kerry pulling ahead in the end. You kn0w, all the shit about the young people not being polled, new voters not being polled blah blah blah. So that should make this and especially this irrelevant, right? Good god I hope so. And then all fair elections aside, I worry about the October Surprise (you can read about this all over the web, but this site is devoted completely to it). I worry about not whether it will happen, but what it will be. I think they already have bin Laden and they will just drag him out. Yeah, that would secure a win for Bush but it wouldn't be as terrible as what I really think is a possibility. A terrorist attack on US soil. Because Bush is making us less safe, this is really very likely. This is also likely b/c the terrorist want Bush to win again, because he has been their greatest recruiting tool ever (and I do mean tool). I hope this won't happen, but I see it as being a real possibility. Last night I knit, and we watched a slew of news shows. NOW with Bill Moyers was wonderful and thoroughly depressing, although not surprising (if you missed it, read about it here). So, the debates are a sham. God forbid a presidential candidate actually answer real, spur of the moment questions, or worse yet, god forbid they interact and debate with each other.

posted by knit wit | 9/25/2004 02:21:00 PM

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