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knit me more time...
Friday, October 01, 2004
excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses

The best part about last night's debate (aside from Kerry generally kicking Bush's ass and watching Bush act like a spoiled teenager whose parents had forced him to be on the debate team) has been watching the post-debate coverage today. The so-called "liberal" media has spent the day making excuses for poor Georgie. Even Faux "News" couldn't spin it in their favor so they have also been busy making excuses for the downright embarrassing performance of their commander-in-chief. Here are some of the excuses I heard today: - The lights were too bright on the stage. - Bush couldn't stand still b/c he has bad knees from playing a lot of manly-man sports. - Debates are hard. (like Bush said "this job is hard" well over a dozen times in the debate) - He was tired and sad from comforting hurricane victims in Florida all day. - He wasn't used to not having applause after he speaks like at campaign rallies. - The debates were after his bedtime- he is, I guess, an "early to bed early to rise" kind of guy. - He did poorly on purpose, b/c historically whoever wins the 1st debate looses the election (totally historically inaccurate). - Cheney wasn't there to give him M&Ms when he got an answer correct (ok, this one was a joke on Late Night with Bill Maher).

posted by knit wit | 10/01/2004 09:03:00 PM

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