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knit me more time...
Thursday, October 07, 2004

The first song I ever remember is "Moonshadow" by Cat Stevens (I think I was 5?). He is on Larry King Live tonight (remote, of course, from the UK as he is a suspected terrorist). My dad must have been a huge Cat Stevens fan b/c it is not only the first music I remember, but that I remember a lot of. I remember looking at the album covers and I remember dancing around (leaping and hoping I guess) to "Moonshadow" and other songs with my brother. "Moonshadow" was my favorite song even though I was slightly terrified by some of the lyrics- you know- the ones about loosing your legs, eyes, hand etc... That was slightly creepy to me but I still loved the song. And I still listen to a lot of Cat Stevens. "Peace Train" and "Wigwam" are on my current "see ya george" ipod mix. I have other clear memories of music as a child. I remember memorizing Traci Chapman's "Fast Car" on a trip to Northern Maine to visit my Fafa and Grammy. Once, in Northern Maine at my cousin Dan's appliance store, the music video "Thriller" came on. It was the first time I think I saw a music video. I also remember memorizing George Michael's "Faith" (the entire album) on a family car trip. In England my family listened to a lot of Queen (that makes sense) and my brother and I loved the songs "Bicycle" and "Under Pressure" (still one of my favorite songs of all time). "Feed the World" (UK version of "Live Aid") was huge when we lived in England and my brother listened to the song over and over again. Hey, I managed to steer my blog away from politics for a little while. What a relief. We are also watching something other than the news on TV right now (Larry King, still). We always have the TV or radio on whenever we are home now. My obsession with this election is too much, really. I dreamt last night about Ashcroft and the night before I was hanging out with Bill Maher. I am worried I'll need therapy again if Bush lands himself back in office. I am canvassing for Kerry this Saturday and generally drinking a lot of beer/apple cider and rum. Looks like I wound up back on politics again anyway. Did I mention I finished my first pair of socks? They are wonderful- I wore them on Monday. I will take a picture and post it soon.

posted by knit wit | 10/07/2004 08:12:00 PM

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