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knit me more time...
Sunday, October 03, 2004
mt. elbow

So, as I was waking up yesterday I got online with my mom who wanted me to call them. I did, and she told me that my fafa (my grandfather) had gone out hunting in the north western part of Maine (there is basically nothing there but a couple logging roads) and hadn't come back yet. So, there were search teams out looking for him with planes and such. I didn't tell my parents, but I had had a dream about my fafa the night before. Something about Jo and I buying a canoe (which we almost did this week) and my grandfather was there. So, I thought the fact that he was missing was freaky. A few hours later the game wardens found him lost on Mt. Elbow. And by the time I found out about it he was having lunch with the game wardens, apparently fine. My fafa is 88. It is pretty impressive to me that he is such a rugged outdoorsperson that he can spend the night in the woods in the middle of no where. I'm sure he will still go hunting by himself- he is stubborn like that. His health hasn't been so great, and I guess now he gets confused easily, but nothing will keep him from doing what he has always done. When my brother and I were little he used to take us climbing Mt. Haystack. We would pick blueberries on the top. And then he would let us build some huge fire on the side of the road as he cooked us lunch out of a camping stove he kept in the trunk of his car. Or he would let us paddleboat all over a pond near his house for hours and hours unattended. Better still, we got to use the snowmobile by ourselves in the field behind the house. I can't imagine ever letting kids 9 and 11 (or even younger?) ride a skedoo at insane speeds by themselves- but we survived. He also used to have this crazy (and I mean crazy) van that he had put a small potbellied woodstove in with a pipe coming out of the roof for the smoke (I am totally not even kidding). There were also wooden kitchen chairs in the van for us to sit on (which I think my grammy used to say were not safe when the van was in motion). We would take that van out snowmobiling so that mom and my grammy (and baby Maryann?) could stay in the warm van while we drove at insane speeds in the snow. Despite all the family drama since, he was pretty cool to my brother and I back then.

posted by knit wit | 10/03/2004 08:41:00 AM

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