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knit me more time...
Friday, October 22, 2004

So, this morning I had *gulp* a dentist appointment for a teeth cleaning. This is my first one since I moved here and I have always feared dentists, so I wasn't looking forward to it. The dental hygienist was the nicest woman, really. She put up with tons of my questions and requests like "and I can't open my mouth more than this wide" and "I hate the sound of scraping metal on my teeth" and "did I mention that I am afraid of dentists". Anyway, I guess she was prepared for that because someone had written on the sheet of paper in my file for this visit "very nervous" and my blood pressure was high. I actually almost had an anxiety attack in the car on the way there. But, all of that anxiety was for nothing, as we spent an hour and a half inspecting my teeth, talking and planning out how to spread out the cleaning and the fillings (I need 4) so that my jaw doesn't get all messed up from staying open too long. I have to come back twice for the cleanings and they are going to give me anesthetic (thank god). They were incredibly nice and assured me after the 4 appointments I would be in great oral health. *Whew* I had my school bag with me, and as I made my future appointments the receptionist asked me if she could ask me questions about Kerry and the election. She was a little older than me and had never voted before. She felt that Bush had to go and had many friends who felt the same. She wanted to know about election fraud, and if her vote would be protected (I agreed it was a huge problem but told her that here in Wisconsin there will be a lawyer at every polling place to make sure no one is unjustly turned away). The other receptionists all nodded in agreement during this conversation. One older receptionist (who I admittedly would have pegged as a republican) asked me for online site where she could find out more about how republicans are discouraging people from voting and what she could do about it. She was appalled and also told me that she was shocked that Bush's rallies were closed to supporters. She thought anyone should be able to see the president. All and all it was uplifting- and does something to offset the media's asinine polls. Since when do national polls really predict anything when we have an electoral college? They drag out anything they can to make it looks like Bush is ahead or it is tied so that when Bush contests the results, people will think it makes sense. And here are some of my recommended sites/articles for this next 11 days of campaign fever... Electoral Vote Predictor (I love this site because he takes into account the biasness of some polls while also doing a pretty heavy-duty statistical analysis- and if you look at the predicted final map you'll feel better. You quantitative geeks can even download the data to run in STATA yourself if you are so inclined) the DU Another great electoral vote site something for those Nader voters An Open Letter to Nader (There have been a number of these but this one is my favorite) Who's insensitive to gays? Start with the Cheneys Wasn't Jesus a Liberal (If anyone saw Chris Matthews tear into a republican catholic priest last night on Hardball for supporting a "culture of life" but not for the lives of innocents Iraqis. The priest also stated that "passivism is against Jesus and religion" which was so hilarious I thought I first he was joking.)

posted by knit wit | 10/22/2004 01:55:00 PM

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