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knit me more time...
Thursday, October 28, 2004
okay, now that test is out of the way.

I had another stats exam today. You might recall my posts about the first exam- the posts where I predicted I wouldn't do so well, and then actually did pretty terribly. Well, I studied my ass off for this exam- more than I have studied for a test in years. I've been memorizing the damned friggin' equations on the bus for 2 weeks. I didn't even go to the Kerry rally today and instead spent the morning in the library. It was time well spent, I think, as I was able to answer every question on the exam, I didn't forget any equations, and I felt pretty good about it in general. Now don't go and take me for some kind of stats wiz- I'm sure I didn't get an A on it. And I am pleasantly surprised that the news is just generally not so great for Bunnypants (my favorite nickname for W) right now. Missing large amounts of explosives when you are in fact there looking for weapons is pretty ridiculous. And they can try to spin it back to Bush all they want but the footage by the embedded reporter from Minnesota shows the explosives there after the fall of Baghdad. Also, I am not impressed with Giuliani blaming the missing explosives on the troops (actually I have never, ever been impressed with Adolph Giuliani). Yeah, blame the poor 19 year old kids who are dying there- possibly being killed by those same explosives. And the new Halliburton investigation just does a little more to show how the admin is catering to their rich buddies. I could be overly optimistic here, but I think Bush is going to be without a job soon. Of course my optimism could just be a coping mechanism for dealing with the absolutely terrifying thought of another 4 years of this madman and his henchmen. So tonight I am not studying- or working on anything. I am knitting gussets for my cardigan and watching "The Scariest Movie Moments of All Time" on Bravo. I hope to be finished with my cardigan soon- I can't wait to wear it! I am also doing laundry. I wish I had my own washer and dryer that worked so I wouldn't have to hang things up after drying them in the "dryer". I wish I had a fancy washer/dryer pair that could dry 20 pairs of jeans at once. Okay, I don't even own that many pairs of jeans but currently I can't dry more than 1 pair at once (with other clothes). Do people who have their own washer/dryer really know how good they have it? Yes, I have tried to bridge the time-space continuum by "knitting more time". Unfortunately, it hasn't worked yet and I wish it would. Maybe I am using the wrong pattern? Maybe the wrong kind of yarn? Any advice, let me know.

posted by knit wit | 10/28/2004 07:58:00 PM

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