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knit me more time...
Saturday, October 23, 2004
ralph, what are you doing?

There is a special this morning on cnn about Ralph Nader. Last night, I heard on TV and read that not only did Nader think there was little difference between Bush and Kerry but that he'd actually rather see Bush elected. He has also said before (on Real Time with Bill Maher) that if David Duke were running instead of Bush he would drop out. What?? So, what are you doing Ralph? Who's interests are you acting in? I voted for you and felt damn good about it in NY in 2000. If you are so concerned about the freedom of the people to have choices of who to vote for, why not use your position to expose election fraud, and help people make sure their vote is counted. Why not push for changes in voting so we preserve that basic right? Are you missing the forest for the trees? Now, there are indeed some major key differences between Bush and Kerry. The environment is a huge one that I can't believe Nader doesn't see. Bush's policies (and lack of regulation for factories and cooperations) are destroying so much of our environment as well as thumbing our noses at the Kyoto Protocal and other environmental initiatives that other countries have worked so hard for. And Bush's "going it alone" strategy in the world has serious (and come on, pretty obvious) implications for international relations. The general valuing of "simple langauge and thinking" instead of considering context and seeing the complexities and nuances of the world and our country are a huge contrast between Bush and Kerry. And whether or not you think Bush is truly a religious zealot, his social goals are downright frightening. He has shut down funding for library databases and research on women's issues, he wants to keep gay people out of the Bill of Rights, for crying out loud. He has pulled funding for anything that isn't abstinence only education. I mean, the Patriot Act, folks, makes it possible for you to be jailed as a terrorist for even protesting or striking with your union. I could go on and on but he is leading from a evangelical perspective that is going to have devistating consequences. Ok, I won't go on. Those are the biggest differences between Bush and Kerry for me. Nader getting 1-2% of the vote is not going to move us toward a 3rd party that is prominent in our election cycles. For that to happen we need some revamping of the election system itself- and that just isn't going to be possible with Bush in for another 4 years. Okay? I wouldn't call myself a democrat- but a progressive and I think the only way we can begin to push a progressive agenda is getting Bush out of office. When your house in on fire it isn't time to remodel it is time to put out the fire, Ralph.

posted by knit wit | 10/23/2004 10:04:00 AM

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