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knit me more time...
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
why bush really needs to go

I finally think I have put a finger on the most disturbing part (for me) of Bush's p-residency. I'm watching Bush04 Communications Director Kathleen Devenish on Hardball. She just said (rough quote): "George Bush leads with his beliefs. He believes marriage is between a man and a woman and thus he will be a leader who protects that. As opposed to Kerry who will lead with no moral beliefs behind him." Hello. Since when do we want our elected, public service officials leading with their personal religious beliefs?? This is so dangerous. Kerry is able to say that while he personally is against abortion he would never ban it because that is his personal religious belief and he won't mix that with government and he wouldn't use that to decide what is right for people. Last night I watched Frontline on PBS and they had an interesting documentary on both Bush and Kerry and how they got where they are. I didn't know much about how Bush started his run for president in 2000. Turns out that (and this is very creepy to me) he first went on a religious (evangelical christian) TV show in Texas and spoke about how god had told him to run and that he had a mission to turn the country back to what it should be (read: religiously oppressive, women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen etc...). Jeez. If you google "bush, evangelical christian roots" you'll get a whole slew of articles on this. Like this creepy one about how christian beliefs guide Bush's foreign policy. This is just dangerous. This guy has to go down. On to debate #3.

posted by knit wit | 10/13/2004 06:07:00 PM

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