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knit me more time...
Saturday, November 27, 2004
5 minutes of the news was all it took

Just to remind readers: I haven't watched any TV news since 11/2. I've read the news online from various places but no TV news for me. Well, I woke up this morning, turned on the TV, and out of habit (I used to be a total TV news junkie) I punched "61" in to the remote and found myself watching a CNN headline news. It wasn's so terrible- some crap about the holiday shopping season. Then came the report on the overturning of the Ukraine election. I found myself nearly in tears all over again while watching thousands of Ukraine people take their election anger to the streets. 5 days of solid protesting and mayhem and their election results are overturned. Now, why couldn't we get our shit together and do that? There are enough complaints of voting fraud- some with very real evidence of fraud. Is our country too vast- our different interests too different to even be united against corrupt elections? What happened to our model democracy (if it ever was one) when we can't even insure that our elections are valid? Even our young, first time voters (as I have heard from TA friends) think the system is rigged. Instead Americans are storming Best Buy at 6am and flocking to malls in the millions. It seems we just can't unite- even against the dark force of Bush&Co. I've seen so much bickering online about who's fault "loosing" is. People who should be united against the fascist neo-con agenda instead arguing over whether or not campaigning for months for the democratic candidate was a waste of time. Online discussions on smirkingchimp replaying the same crap about who would have been worse in office, a democrat or republican in office. Jeezem folks. Look around. Bush is pushing an agenda that is so anti-democracy, anti-woman, pro-war, anti-gay, anti-civil rights, pro-christian, pro-rich etc... As soon as the news awarded him a "mandate" he's been living it up with this crap. Somehow we all need to become one single force against this and I don't see it happening. Maybe we need a real leader. A Ghandi. A Martin Luther King Jr. Maybe it just isn't going to happen at all. Well that was 5 minutes of the news for me. I've flipped the channel to "Message in a Bottle" while I finish my coffee. I don't care about the movie but I love that it was filmed at my favorite beach in Maine. And soon I'll go back to working on the very difficult and perhaps finally final draft of my masters thesis. [I'll post pics of our Thanksgiving dinner as soon as I load them onto the computer.]

posted by knit wit | 11/27/2004 07:56:00 AM

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