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knit me more time...
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
another stage of grief

After getting off the phone with my mom (Happy Birthday Mom!!) and yelling furiously to my parents about how Kerry let us down, didn't fight, gave up, wimped out etc... I went online to the political forum I have been living on/by for the last 48 hours. I found this posting:

"I was one of the people who started yelling obscenities and conspiracy theories when I found out he had conceded without challenging the voter fraud. I now realize that was against the philosophy I'm trying to live in my life. What I believe in is that in life, all you can control is your actions, not the result of your actions. Therefore, all of the effort that Dems put into this campaign was not wasted. If I spend four years building a house with my bare hands and it burns down the next day, I still have the self-improvement and learning and muscles and experience. No one can take that away. The house, in the end, can never be relied on. All we can do is the work, and hope for the best. As long as we refuse to destroy ourselves and render ourselves immobile with self-recrimination, blame, fear, etc., we can leverage the power and experience of Campaigns 2000 and 2004 and go on to whip ass next time."

Yes, I needed to be reminded it is not about the distination but about the journey. Thank you kingfisher for reminding me.

posted by knit wit | 11/03/2004 08:55:00 PM

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