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knit me more time...
Saturday, November 06, 2004
back to the mundane joys of life

Today was wonderfully mundane. I woke up with a terrible stiff neck and headache so I spent the morning making it go away with traction (a truly wonderful thing) and heat. I haven't had pain like that in a while but I am sure it is from the stress of this sucky week and the dentist appointment I had yesterday. Nothing like some drilling to make my jaw muscles go in the spasm. I really do hate the dentist. We went and picked up our vegetables and went to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy Jo a new pillow. We walked out with a new pillow and a new set of cookware- our old set was kind of crappy and the new ones were a great deal. The shiny new cookware prompted me to make omelets for lunch and a saute in my new 15 inch saute pan for dinner. I made a mystery sauté with some kind of mysterious green leafy vegetable. We got 3 different kinds of green leafy vegetables today and all that we recognized was the spinach. I googled pictures of the other ones and still couldn't figure out what was what. So, whatever it was it was yummy. And I have been working on the old masters thesis. I didn't have the spirit to work on it at all this week. Trouble is it mentions Bush a lot- and I just haven't even wanted to go there. But, today I am working away at it. Crunching yet more numbers. Hoping it won't need to be rewritten 20 more times. I always know that in the end everything takes longer than I think it will, but it is the tricking myself into thinking it should be finished sooner that motivates me to work on it. Does that make sense? Whatever works. Don't worry though about all this "mundane-ness". I am still collecting information on voter fraud (such as this) and I am still spending way too much time on political forums (I think this makes up for the news I am not watching). I bought some black ribbon today. I tied a piece around my wrist and it will stay there for 4 years. I'm going to mourn and I'm going to fight back.

posted by knit wit | 11/06/2004 09:10:00 PM

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