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knit me more time...
Sunday, November 14, 2004
a cold bath

things that make me grumpy: 1) not having hot water 2) and thus, not being able to take a nice hot shower in the morning 3) stats 4) and also, stats exams 5) literature reviews And since this weekend is all about 1-5, I am not having a very thrilling and/or fun weekend. We don't have hot water and it won't get fixed until Monday morning. I have no problem going without a shower if it is for 1 day, or for many days if I'm camping (camping, by the way is what I would love to be doing right now), but going 2 days without a shower for no reason is just a little too much uncleanliness. So, I decided to take a bath this morning- the old fashioned way of pouring hot water into a tub of cold water. Well, it turns out this doesn't work so great and takes and incredibly long time. I ended up getting the water mildly not-cold and got in, figuring it couldn't be worse than swimming in the ocean off the coast of Maine in June. Ugh. It was pretty cold- but when I got out my clothes felt nice and warm. Now on to 3, 4 & 5. I am trying not to be too worried about the stats exam- I actually (dare I admit this) thought that dummy variables were kind of interesting and they made much more sense to me than everything else we have "learned" so far. The literature review (also due Tuesday) is not so much fun to write but I have 5 pages already and tons of notes. I managed to copy/paste some stuff from my masters thesis lit review which helped out. I am going to try to resurrect this weekend by making a butternut squash & pumpkin soup with leeks, onions and cream cheese. I can't wait to start cooking it but I'll work for a few more hours first. I envision eating it all week for lunch over rice. Yummy. It better turn out good- I have never made it before!

posted by knit wit | 11/14/2004 11:35:00 AM

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