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knit me more time...
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
now i am really angry

I actually stopped crying. I stopped crying when Jo squirted me (by accident) with the garden hose while rinsing the leaves off our stoop. I got drenched and we just started laughing and laughing. Then we got into the car, went to the recycling center and listened to Air America. So, alas, I haven't sworn off all politics- I have been hanging out on the democratic underground forum and Jo and I listened to the wonderful Randi Rhodes this afternoon. Rove/Bush Co is so good at what they do- they STOLE this election in so many ways. So many ways that people know about but have little means of tracing. Kerry, instead of fighting like he promised for each vote to be counted has given up. Meanwhile, on the internet and radio the picture is becoming clearer and clearer. The election was stolen- Ohio and Florida would probably have gone to Kerry if it weren't for a combination of the following specifically planned tackets: *provisional ballots in known democratic/minority districts *black box (computer) balloting in select democratic districts- No receipts (which is something the repugs fought for in Ohio) means no tracing it. *in other minority areas districts got the old "punch card" ballots which don't read the votes all the time unless you run them through multiple times. *voting machines starting out in the negative for Kerry before voting began in the millions and SO MUCH MORE you can read about HERE Just know this was carefully orchestrated and that the media has done everything they can to turn attention away from voter fraud and let Bush just take over. So, what is left? Well, we have 4 more years of Bush and that makes my heart want to break in two. That means illegal abortion, more wars, more trashing of the environment, no rights for gay people, more fear mongering, no school funding, the patriot act will become perminent and even extended. We have 4 more years of lies and deceit. 4 mores years of the very folks being in power who knew they couldn't even trust as to vote, who gave up on democracy. And even though Kerry did really win, somewhere around 40% of this country cast their vote for Bush. And you know what? They can have the smirkychimpster. They can have bunnypants. They can continue to be misled and misinformed. And you know what- they'll be a draft and they can send their kids to war. Or maybe then they'll start fleeing the country en masse instead of sending their kids to war. They wanted them, they can have him. And let Bush screw up so badly that they will know the truth sometime in the future.

posted by knit wit | 11/03/2004 04:52:00 PM

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