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knit me more time...
Monday, November 29, 2004
stop the semester now- I want off

I am exhausted. I spent literally 40 hours (and I wish I were kidding about that) working on my masters thesis this weekend. Then, I waited until 18 hours before my presentation today to begin working on that. But, the presentation went fine and is over now. And I am exhausted. But, I have more work to do- reading sitting on my lap as I type. My job is crazy right now. I have a masters to defend although one of my committee members is very busy. The 13th might be the date. But, before that happens I need to finish this draft- and again I find the literature review is killing me. This is that time of the semester when you have to really to pull everything together and get a lot done with the goal of making it to the holidays where (unless you're studying for a prelim) you get to relax, knit, drink and eat. Well that's really all I want to do right now. I want out right now. Did I ever mention before that grad school (while I love it) does make me miserable? I was thinking that today while listening to "gray" by Ani Difranco on my walk down the hill. So, I love something that makes me generally miserable and stressed out- something that makes my eyes hurt, my neck ache, my jaw tight and my hair turn gray? Great.

posted by knit wit | 11/29/2004 09:14:00 PM

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