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knit me more time...
Friday, December 17, 2004
classic knit wit #2

This train wreck of a semester couldn't end without a couple more hilariously terrible incidents... (I do still have a seminar paper to write so it isn't really over yet)
  • I've achieved the pinnacle moment in a grad students' career. You might think that would be getting a masters degree- nope. It is actually crying in front of a professor and today I cried in front of my first prof. Actually, he deserved to be yelled at as he was being just horribly mean, but given that the way I express anger is through tears, I cried. While he seemed unphased (and even irritated) by my tears of frustration, he did agree to give me an incomplete and not to fail me. That's a relief I suppose. And I also no longer have to dread that first episode of tears in front of a faculty member. [I almost cried in front of my advisor from panic over a lack of funding. She, however, stopped my crying by, well, um, telling me that she didn't have time for me to cry. So, I didn't cry. Its not that she was being mean- she just really didn't have time and she isn't one to do a lot of mollycoddling anyway]
  • I defended on Monday. But, I waited to hand my thesis into the library today (the deadline) because I needed to have my advisor sign it. So, this afternoon, after the aforementioned meeting where I cried in front of the professor, I cried some more on the couch in the TA office and then headed down the hill to hand in my thesis a little later than I expected. I got to the Bindery (funny word, I know) at 3:50pm to see that they close at 4pm. Well, I wasn't worried because I was prepared. I had my thesis printed on the special paper, with the cover page as per their guidelines on the internet, and signed by my advisor. Well, as soon as the librarian saw it she shook her head and said "oh no- you can't put the month on there- only the year. You have to retype this cover page and have your advisor resign it." Then, she looked up at the clock and saw the time. I said "there isn't anyway I could do that in 8 minutes and I didn't think the month mattered. Today is the deadline, right?" She answered "It is the deadline so after today you'll have to get a 2005 degree and for that the deadline is in May." Yeah, right. No way in fucking hell- after my advisor pushed getting this done so I could have a 2004 degree date. I've been in school for soooo many years, that one year really matters. I expressed to the librarian that 2005 wasn't an option. At this point another librarian came in and offered me use of some white-out and his typewriter (yes, typewriter). I whited out the month, and centered the year on the cover page, all the while the first librarian watched me like I was going to cheat or something- maybe she thought I was cheating. I finished and handed it to her again and her personality totally changed- "Congratulations! You have a masters!! And with 1 minute to spare!!"
Nothing like the last minute! So, I am now having a beer and starting to feel more relaxed. There are all kinds of gray hairs popping up all over my head- I wonder why.

posted by knit wit | 12/17/2004 05:10:00 PM

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