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knit me more time...
Saturday, December 04, 2004
grad school low point(s)

Others in my blogosphere have written about their grad student low points (see: here and here). So, I wonder what low points I have had so far in grad school. Despite various low points, I kind of think I haven't had major ones yet as I am a couple years behind of some of my other blogging friends. Hopefully I can make it through the rest of this semester (defending) without adding any other low points... * ASA in Atlanta my first year would have to be a low point (while thanks to SWS there were also some incredible high points but not until the very last day after spending 3 days wallowing in misery). Wandering around from boring session to boring session completely by myself was terrible. I would see people I kind of knew from UW who would ignore me or would just not be very friendly. No one invited me out to eat with them despite being there while folks made plans in front of me. So, I was pretty miserable until the SWS banquet. * A specific potluck at my advisor's house. I knew no one there- mostly profs from other departments I think. I don't know what made me go in the first place. I spent most of the night standing up against my advisor's microwave in the kitchen trying to disappear but just getting in her way a lot. Then, I tried to make conversion with said advisor and some other people and the conversations ended up just being stilted and awkward. Soon after that terrible potluck I learned to expect nothing more from them and they haven't been so bad since. Ahhhh- the lowering of expectations... * Begging for TA positions and funding were also some serious low points. There are long stories about that I just can't even get into right now. * Begging for an incomplete in stats would also be a low point- trying to explain how I understand material in class but don't test well blah blah blah. Getting the *lowest* grade on a stats test in the whole class and being reminded of that by the prof while trying to beg for that generous incomplete. Oh- there have been many stats lows. Wow. Begging seems to be a major component of grad school. Okay I am switching gears and colors for a moment. Someone I know pretty well is actually on that ridiculous reality TV show Gilligan's Island. I hate reality TV and I also hate Gilligan's island, but one night I left the TV on after watching something and this show came on. "Professor Eric" is a guy I know from the sociology world- we almost roomed together at ASA (the sucky one above) and he helped me decide on and apply to grad school. So, what the hell is he doing on Gilligan's Island? And the frightening thing is that I always thought all those reality TV show characters were made up but from watching a couple episodes I see Eric seems to just be himself. Its funny that there is a millionaire's wife who absolutely hates Eric flaunting his gay-ness. She actually tried to make the argument that if 2 men get married that then someone will want to marry a snake or a dog or some other animal. Anyway, I've watched a couple episodes out of curiosity but it really is a dull and dumb show. My big question is (and I would love to email Eric this)- what does being on such a show do for you chances on the job market?

posted by knit wit | 12/04/2004 08:14:00 AM

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