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knit me more time...
Friday, December 10, 2004
knitting & the big screen

Well maybe not so big in our living room, but anyway... We watched Big Fish tonight. I really didn't expect to like it- I wrote it off as one of those Forrest Gump-type movies (you know the ones where a guy grows up, does great things, goes out in the world, does more great things etc...). But I really enjoyed it- had some nice moments and it made me cry at the end. I love Tim Burton as a director. Especially Mars Attacks and Edward Scissorhands (I wasn't a big fan of Sleepy Hallow and why he re-did Planet of the Apes I will never understand). I love his attention to the style of the background of his movies- the style and color of the clothes people wear, the colors and styles of the houses and buildings. I think that is just brilliant about his movies- kind of makes me miss theatre design just a little bit. Last weekend we also watched a few movies. Some successful, some not so. We tried to watch Lost in Translation and almost died of complete boredom. Its not that we usually dislike artsy, non-action movies, but seriously we had to shut this one off because nothing was happening and the movie was becoming torture to watch. We also watched 21 Grams- much better than Lost in Translation (but that wouldn't take much) but too irritating in its jumping around time periods. I think Momento made that too trendy. Love, Actually was a totally wonderful movie- that again, I was surprised I liked. I am usually not into romantic comedies at all. Over Thanksgiving weekend (I meant to blog about this a while ago) we watched, as we do every year, A Christmas Story. I've seen it probably 500 times and I love it more each time. It is perhaps a perfect movie- every detail, every moment and character. I could never grow tired of it. I also went out and bought yarn today for holiday presents. I went to Michaels- being that I am on a budget and also wanted some more washable, acrylically yarn. They've expanded their yarn selection quite a bit and I was impressed with some of it. I will never touch Lions Brand Homespun or their Chenille (eieeww), but I did pick up some great Patons yarn. Actually, I was kind of irritated that they had so much yarn, but I tried not to be. It irritates me when things that I do become trendy. I started knitting about 5 years ago and people used to watch me knit on the subway in nyc like I was some kind of freak. Now, everyone on the bus is knitting chunky-fun-fur scarves. So, just as I was sighing at the large selection of strange, muppet yarns, someone asked me for help. A woman and her child didn't know which yarn and needles to pick out for a scarf. I helped them out and showed them some easy to knit with chunky, multicolored yarn and they got so excited. They thanked me and told me they were going to spend the weekend in front of their fireplace knitting- which I think is so wonderful. If I had a fireplace, I would be doing the same thing! While it I know, I know it is coming down to the wire, but I am excited about getting a bunch of knitting done. I got some great yarn, and started knitting tonight. I would love to take photos of the yarn to post, and describe what I am knitting, but that would spoil some holiday surprises for some of my blog readers out there.

posted by knit wit | 12/10/2004 10:48:00 PM

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