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knit me more time...
Monday, December 20, 2004
post from the airport

[well really not from the airport because it turns out that wifi costs money] Thank you to Detroit Metro Airport's many large-screen TVs blasting only CNN for reminding me why I haven't watched the news since 11.2.04. Good god, it is terrible. Bush looking all smug since being handed (by the news) a "mandate". They keep showing him in a news conference today talking up Rummy's commitment to the troops. Give me a break- if he were that committed he would have found the time to sign death letters to the families of troops. I know, I know there are over 1300 at this point, but he didn't have to sign those all at once. Thanks to the long, drawn out violence of the occupation of Iraq, only a few to a dozen troops are killed on any given day. So, he would have only had to sign his name like a dozen times each day. What disturbs me more is that people are shocked but this blight on Rummy- like he was some superior compassionate person who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Again, give me a freakin' break. Now Cheney is on and it is just getting worse. They are showing clips of the Edwards v. Cheney debate and it is making me sad. My flight is delayed here in Detroit- my flight out of Madison left 45 minutes late and this one is half an hour late so far. I do love airport though, but I am not a big fan of having to be delayed in them for longer than expected. I like watching people. Like the old man in the bright sky-blue suit sitting across from me with a briefcase that looks like it is from 1935. In the Madison airport, I was watching (trying not to be creepy about it I swear) a very geeky looking girl. And I hope readers would know by this point that I mean "geeky" as a compliment. Anyway, if there was a stereotypical female geek she would have been it. She was very dowdy- librarian looking, with messy long mousy-brown hair and very thick glasses which she wore low on her noise. She was tall and wore pants that were slightly too short. She even had a pen behind her ear (I always try to do that but it doesn't work). She caught my eye because she spilled a huge pile of papers all over the floor and all kinds of travelers rushed to help her. I assumed they were papers and that she was grading- but I was also reading Dorothy Smith's "The Everyday World as Problematic" so I was trying not to totally imbue my privileged, outside-of-the-context perspectives on the situation. I couldn't hear what was being said, but she was striking up conversation with the people who were helping her. As this happened, another woman walked in- slightly younger than me and dresses so trendy it was painful and fascinating to look at her all at once. She rolled her eyes at the geeky girl (girl, I mean she was about my age probably) who was in her way picking up papers and then went to sit down (kind of precariously walking on very high-heeled boots). Well, the geeky girl, with all her papers collected looked around to find a seat and sat down next to the very trendy girl. They started talking- talking like they were old friends (although I heard them introduce themselves so they couldn't have been) and laughing about something. Then, the geek started grading papers (the stack was like 4 inches thick) and the trendy girl pulled out a book to read. As she did this I thought "I bet it will be the #1 book on the non-fiction bestseller list, Oprah-book He's Just Not that into You" and I chuckled out loud when I saw that it was. It was just an interesting contrast, the two of them. There was also a lesbian couple waiting to get on the plane with a cat in a cat carrier. This cat was very cut- looked a little like my cat Hermione and it made me wish I had brought her with me. As we all stood up, waiting to board the plane, I knew the couple with the cat was behind me. I heard someone else behind me say "can you believe traveling with that?" I assumed they were talking about the cat. A few minutes I turned around and saw the man behind me giving me a very disapproving look. I turned back around and heard him say to his companion "political views should be left out of traveling". Huh? I figured out at this point he must have been talking about the buttons I have on my back pack. Why would I take them off to travel? What harm do buttons that say "support our troops bring them home alive", and "love makes a family", and one that says "Bush" with a big line through it do? I am still sitting here and our flight is now 40 minutes late.

posted by knit wit | 12/20/2004 06:06:00 PM

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